Seriously? Don Lemon and Cuomo Spend Segment Imitating Tucker Carlson


On numerous occasions and by numerous people, CNN has been labeled “fake news.”

This latest stunt may not help the network shed its reputation for being a joke when it comes to journalism.

During a “CNN Tonight” segment on Friday, host Don Lemon and fellow CNNer, Chris Cuomo, took time to take digs at Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

At one point, according to Mediaite, Cuomo targeted Carlson by name, claiming that Carlson “doesn’t have to say anthing. He’s just got that p***ed puppy dog puss that he has on his face.”

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A short time later, Lemon interrupted Cuomo while making a face.

“What are you talking about Chris, you are unhinged!” Lemon said, borrowing one of Carlson’s favorite words. “Surely, you are smarter than that! … Don’t be dumb.”

“’You’re trying to do the puppy dog puss!” Cuomo finally said, as Lemon broke out into a laugh. But instead of making fun of a successful Fox host, perhaps their time would have been better spent imitating Fox’s ratings.

Newser reported in January that overall in prime time, Fox News Channel was the top-rated cable news channel for 16 consecutive years. It was also the most-watched basic cable network during the day, and came in second that month only to ESPN for night viewers, thanks to ESPN’s boost from college football bowl games. CNN came in third.

Do you think Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo embarrassed themselves again?

Things have not improved over the year for CNN, either. Head-to-head, Carlson is easily beating both Cuomo and Lemon in the ratings war, according to an Oct. 11 ratings report from Newser. Carlson scored 570, which also gave him the top spot overall. Cuomo scored 313 and Lemon edged slightly ahead of him with 343.

Once again, Fox beat out CNN in the evening, with a score of 387 to CNN’s 239. Even more humiliating for CNN, is that the news network was also beaten by Headline News, which is owned by CNN.

MSNBC also got beat out by Fox.

Two days later, Fox’s Laura Ingraham tweeted out a chart that showed additional information about the ratings of the men’s respective shows.

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On Twitter, a number of users came to the conclusion that Lemon and Cuomo should try to imitate Carlson’s ratings — not him. The commentary about their attempt at imitation of him was brutal, too.

And the hits just kept on coming. Some noted other ways in which Carlson beat the two CNN “stars.”

While reporting on the pair’s lame imitation of Carlson, BizPac Review writer Vivek Saxena also hit them with a brutal truth. “One of the biggest differences between Carlson and the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ duo over at CNN is that he identifies as a conservative political commentator, not a journalist.”

“But according to Cuomo and Lemon, they’re journalists — real journalists at that. Word to the wise: Real journalists don’t behave like bumbling idiots. Just saying.”

Public criticism and continually losing in the ratings war should have indicated to CNN a need for change. This decision of two CNN show hosts to do a poor imitation of someone who is beating them in ratings, rather than try to beat the competition with a positive change the public wants, likely won’t help their ratings any.

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