If Don Lemon's Ratings and Meltdowns Weren't Bad Enough, Tucker Carlson Just Roasted Him for 3 Minutes Straight


Tucker Carlson roasted Don Lemon Thursday night following a recent on-air meltdown between the CNN host and one of his morning show colleagues.

Earlier this week, Lemon threw a fit on “CNN This Morning” after his co-host Kaitlan Collins interviewed Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky. Lemon, who fancies himself as a serious journalist, felt Collins did CNN’s viewers a disservice for not branding The New York Post as an untrustworthy news source.

The result was several minutes of very awkward television.

Lemon and Collins have co-hosted the show with network anchor Poppy Harlow since late last year, after Lemon was pulled from his prime-time slot. Tension on the show has been palpable and probably gets more attention than the actual show itself.

Carlson spent three minutes obliterating Lemon over his recent behavior on his new morning show, but also for comments he has made dating back years.

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The Fox News host criticized his CNN rival for, among other things, being so spectacularly average. Carlson contended Lemon is a victim of his own arrogance and is intellectually “limited” in spite of his own overconfidence in his abilities.

“We will concede we spent many happy years making fun of Mr. Don Lemon of CNN,” Carlson said. “And at times we’ll concede we’ve been a little cruel. But as we have mocked him and we have, there has been honestly an undercurrent of real affection.”

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Carlson said deep down he feels a sense of admiration for Lemon, before he asked, “How can a man so obviously limited have such boundless self-esteem?”

“Doesn’t he know he’s an idiot?” Carlson asked.

He answered his own question, “No, he has no idea.”

“This is the guy who once suggested that a commercial airliner had been eaten by a black hole,” Carlson said. “And when people laughed at him, he seemed completely unbothered by their laughter. In a world of intellectual pretense, Don Lemon is not ashamed of being dumb. Or, for that matter, ashamed of anything else.”

Carlson reminded his viewers Lemon claimed, after he lost his prime-time show, that it was actually a “promotion.” He also theorized CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht placed Lemon with Harlow and Collins on the morning show to “torture” him for his vanity.

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“Licht paired Don Lemon with two much younger, much more attractive co-hosts,” Carlson said. “And the normally steely Don Lemon began to melt down before our very eyes.”

Carlson joked that “CNN This Morning” has become something like “Thanksgiving at the alcoholic passive-aggressive family’s house.”

The Fox News host suggested Licht should meet with Lemon “over a few mango White Claws” to remind him, “Just because somebody else is pretty, it doesn’t mean that you’re ugly.”

Lemon is a man who is “on the brink” Carlson concluded.

The takedown was hilarious and the host was generous with multiple mispronunciations of Lemon’s name.

Carlson began parodying Lemon as “Don Le-MON” years ago.

If anyone in left-wing cable news deserves this sort of mockery it is Lemon, who indeed takes himself too seriously and is arguably affected by the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Healthline describes that phenomenon as “a type of cognitive bias that causes people to overestimate their knowledge or ability, particularly in areas with which they have little to no experience.”

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