Doughnut the Beloved Fat Cat Weighs 28 Pounds & Has Captured Internet's Heart

Combined Shape

There are few things more satisfying for pet owners than to see their beloved animals enjoying themselves and living the good life. In many households, the pets eat better than the people do.

Companies know this, and have tapped into the market to provide the coziest of beds, the most amusing toys and the most delectable treats.

In this land of prosperity and limitless options, though, it is possible for critters to have too much of a good thing. There are different schools of thought on feeding animals, but some methods — and foods — are definitely more prone to causing weight problems.

Not to worry, though. Cat and dog food companies have tapped into that too, with “healthy maintenance” and “weight loss” formulas guaranteed to keep your canine or feline in tip-top shape.

Being overweight is hard on an animal’s body, just as it can be for a human’s. Their joints are under more stress, they don’t get around as well and they’re prone to more health issues than their slim counterparts.

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One of the biggest issues veterinarians see is overweight and obese animals. Most people who truly care about their pets care so much that they have a difficult time resisting begging, and the above charts have become commonplace in waiting rooms and online advice sites.

In general, you should be able to feel your pet’s ribs without digging for them, but you shouldn’t be able to see them. If you can see them, they pet is too skinny — but that’s not as common an issue for most household pets.

If you want to feel this chonk’s ribs, though, you have to dig. And dig. Because he’s definitely not in danger of starving to death.

This hefty boy’s name is Doughnut — an appropriate moniker for a 28-pound cat. Most cats weigh up to 10 pounds, so this bub has 18 extra pounds of love.

He ended up at the Jacksonville Humane Society, which realized he was going to need a very conscientious adopter. Free-feeding was not going to be an option for this fellow.

“Meet Doughnut ? the biggest boii ever,” they posted on Facebook last week. “Big D is 28 lbs* and very … thick. ?”

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“He needs a home with an owner who is willing to keep him on his strict diet. We know the extra pounds make him cute but it’s not healthy.”

“His new family will need to work with a vet to get him to the right weight at the right pace. Think you’re the one? ? Come meet Doughnut today from 12-7.”

At his size, just plunking him on a treadmill isn’t going to work, but keeping him active and limiting his calorie intake until he’s lean enough to keep active by himself will work wonders.

Fortunately, someone saw the tubby boy and fell in love, adopting him the same day the post went out. Happy trails, Doughnut!

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