Drew Brees goes into 'dad mode' after sons get in sideline scuffle at Pro Bowl


If you like hard-hitting action on the gridiron, Sunday’s Pro Bowl was a disappointment once again.

But the confrontation that everyone was talking about after the game didn’t happen on the field. In fact, some would say the most intense action of the afternoon took place when Saints quarterback Drew Brees’ two youngest boys, Bowen and Callen,  were hilariously going at it while ESPN was interviewing Brees’ oldest boy, Baylen.

It was all fun and games until Brees had to go into dad mode at the end of the interview.

It was the most exciting action all afternoon.

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Brees’s sons were official NFC ball boys, so ESPN reporter Lisa Salters asked Baylen about the coolest part about attending Pro Bowl weekend in Orlando.

“Meeting Marshon Lattimore, Antonio Brown, Jarvis Landry,” said Baylen.

But off to his side, Bowen and Callen were having a blast rough housing. They were so entertaining, the camera went wide to capture their scuffle while Baylen was being interviewed.

Baylen was telling Salters what they got to do as ball boys, as dad was coaching him from the sidelines.

“You were spotting the ball, right?” Brees reminded Baylen. “You were handing out waters. You were helping the running backs with their drills, right, trying to tackle them.”

But Salters was more interested in what the other boys were up to

“What are Callen and Bowen doing? It just looks like they were fighting the entire time,” she asked Baylen.

Baylen abruptly ended the interview, running over to join in, pushing his younger brother.

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“Alright, we lost ’em,” she said.

“That’s pretty much how it is all the time,” Brees said. “And he’s about to get into big trouble for getting on the field,” he added while pointing to Callen.

He had to give Callen a talking to, which any parent out there can relate to.

As for the game itself, the AFC won 24-23.


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