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'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson Reveals New Look to Fans: 'Surprise!'


Willie Robertson is about as recognizable as they come. He’s had the same hairstyle and bandana for years, and his look is as iconic as “Duck Dynasty” itself.

But recently he decided to change things up, and during a visit to the barber, he traded in his scraggly locks and mountain man beard for something a little sleeker.

His new look surprised people, especially those closest to him — and of course he got their reactions on film.

“Hair Cut Transformation & Reactions,” he posted to social media June 9, along with a video of his transformation.

“Everyone else is going back to the barber, I figured I should try it too,” Robertson said in the caption.

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“I feel myself getting weaker,” he said at the beginning of the video as the clippers shear through his hair. Unlike Samson, though, he seemed to be gaining more fame and power through this transformation.

As soon as he was all tidied up, he went on the hunt for his wife, tracking her to a local Newk’s Eatery. He passed her twice while she was inside at the soda fountain, but she didn’t appear to notice him and left.

He followed her outside to her car, and she finally got a good look at him when he approached her as she stood opening her door.

“What in the world?” she said when she recognized the shady fellow shadowing her.

She laughed when she realized that he’d passed her inside, saying that she thought he’d looked familiar but just assumed he must be someone from church.

The rest of the video shows Robertson surprising other various family members, and all of them were shocked, with one dropping to the ground, another asking, “Is that a wig?” and yet another mistaking him for someone else.

“SURPRISE!! @realwilliebosshog shocked us all with a major after-quarantine haircut, ha!” Korie Robertson shared on her Instagram after the big reveal. “We haven’t seen his neck in 15 years ? I love this man! He’s cute and he always keeps life interesting.”

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“He and @jdowen7 had a blast going all over town to surprise us, ha! He even bought a new shirt so we wouldn’t recognize his clothes. When he goes, he goes all in.”

Many fans have commented, saying that the new style made Robertson look younger.

Only time will tell if this look will stick around, but with all the positive reviews, maybe Robertson will be persuaded to change his shaggy ways.

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