Elitist George Clooney Says Trump Instills 'Fear of Strong Women,' Conveniently Forgets Female Hires


Hollywood has a serious issue with sexual harassment and misogyny, but millionaire actor George Clooney thinks he knows the real problem: President Donald Trump.

During a sanctimonious appearance at a “Power of Women” event put on by Variety Magazine, the “Ocean’s 11” lead tore into the current administration and pushed a worn-out narrative about the president.

Clooney, who has a net worth near half a billion dollars and spends a significant amount of time living in Italy, is hardly the go-to expert on typical Americans. Nevertheless, the smug star lectured the crowd about “fear” coming from the White House.

“Fear of Muslims. Fear of immigrants. Fear of minorities. Fear of strong women,” he ranted.

“And because our government needs us to be afraid, the question is, are we really scared of all the things that actually make America great?” Clooney continued.

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The message was clear: Trump “fears” females and minorities, you see, as if they were some sort of lepers to be kept at a distance.

There was just one glaring problem with Clooney’s claim. Trump has actually gone out of his way to promote women in key places, including some of the most powerful positions in the world.

Nikki Haley, for example, was Trump’s choice as ambassador to the United Nations. Even liberals must admit that the former South Carolina governor is one tough woman, boldly standing up to entire nations in the UN assembly.

Do you care what George Clooney thinks about the president?

Then there’s Gina Haspel, arguably one of the most powerful women in America due to her position as the head of the CIA. Again, she was Trump’s personal choice, surprising even some conservatives.

Sarah Sanders is another powerful woman, who faces down the often hostile media as the White House press secretary. So is Linda McMahon, who runs the Small Business Administration — and was again hand-picked by Trump.

How about Carla Provost, the first woman in charge of the U.S. Border Patrol since … well, ever? Another female given power by Trump.

The president’s own daughter Ivanka holds vast power, both in business and as a trusted adviser at the White House. On and on the list goes.

For somebody who supposedly “fears” strong women, the president sure seems to trust them a lot.

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And George Clooney? Well, the famous ladies’ man definitely loves the fairer sex, but he may not actually have the best record of supporting them.

Clooney was known to be friendly with alleged sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein, who is credibly accused of using young Hollywood actresses as his personal harem.

Some reports indicate that Clooney and his “Ocean’s” co-star Matt Damon knew about the abuses for years, and may have even helped Weinstein defuse negative news stories before they hurt the reputation of their friend.

This is the problem with so much of Hollywood: It has completely lost touch with real life and pushes views that don’t hold up in reality while hypocritically committing the very sins its busybodies love to condemn.

That’s exactly why so many Americans are shunning elitists and the entertainment complex — and if clowns like Clooney keep it up, the only audience they have left will be their own smug reflections staring back in the mirror.

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