Elizabeth Warren Comes Out in Favor of Tax Cuts - If You're Gay


On Thursday, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren reintroduced the Refund Equality Act.

This bill allows married same-sex couples to amend previous tax returns from the IRS and change their filing status from single to married to receive tax refunds.

“The federal government forced legally married same-sex couples in Massachusetts to file as individuals and pay more in taxes for almost a decade,” Warren said in a statement. “We need to call out that discrimination and to make it right — Congress should pass the Refund Equality Act immediately.”

According to NBC News, the Joint Committee on Taxation released a report Thursday which said “taxpayers who were in same-sex marriages prior to the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 would be eligible for up to $57 million in refunds.”

Warren’s thoughts on same-sex couples and taxes raise important questions.

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This legislation goes against many ideas the fiery socialist stands for, as she’s ultimately admitting that people like to hold onto their hard-earned money. If the principle applies to gay couples, then it should apply to everyone.

Take a look at what she said earlier this year:

“It’s time to fundamentally transform our tax code so that we tax the wealth of the ultra-rich, not just their income. By asking our top 75,000 households to pay their fair share, my proposal will help address runaway wealth concentration and at the same time accelerate badly needed investments in rebuilding our middle class,” Sen. Warren said in a January press release.

However, some of the biggest earners in the country are homosexual, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, fashion-designer Michael Kors and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. The list goes on and on.

Do you support tax breaks for everyone?

Does Warren still think her liberal, LGBT pals need to pay up?

That’s one of the problems with being a progressive — there are so many exceptions to the rules that the exceptions start to become the rules. It quickly morphs into a confusing mess.

Conservatives don’t have this problem because what we believe is both effective and simplistic — smaller government and lower taxes.

People who work hard are rewarded and people who want to be left alone aren’t bothered by the intrusion of large, overbearing government.

At the very minimum, the bill is another example of progressive pandering by the 2020 presidential candidate.

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Warren has to keep stringing her core base along and make them think she’s actually doing meaningful things as a senator, even though at the end of the day, she’s just raising more questions than she answers.

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