Elizabeth Warren Is So Weak She Can't Even Handle Heckler Without Voice Quivering, Trying To Negotiate


There’s a huge difference between wanting to be president and actually getting to the White House — and Sen. Elizabeth Warren is finding out that she has a long road ahead of her.

The Massachusetts lawmaker was one of the first people to announce her candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, but her campaign has been hit with a string of scandals.

The 69-year-old was roundly criticized for seeming stiff and fake during a recent live video from her kitchen, during which she swigged a beer and had an awkward conversation with her husband.

There was also the “Fauxcahontas” debacle. The senator was forced to apologize to Native American tribes after taking a DNA test to settle the question of her ancestry.

Instead of putting the issue to rest, that move sparked a firestorm which only got worse when it was revealed that she had claimed to be a native minority in an application for the Texas bar association.

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But new problems keep finding Warren. During a campaign event in Georgia over the weekend, she was heckled by disruptive protesters who were escorted out of the venue.

Hecklers at political rallies aren’t exactly rare, but it was the liberal lawmaker’s demeanor during the incident that is raising eyebrows.

Video of the campaign stop released by an official Republican Party YouTube account shows Warren sounding more like a nervous, quivering librarian than a future commander in chief.

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“I thought what we’d do today, I’m just so glad you’re here, I thought what we’d do today, is that I talk a little bit, just kind of introduce myself, who I am, a little bit of my story –” she began rambling.

That’s when protesters began yelling.

“Why’d you lie (about being a Native American?)” one of the angry audience members could be heard demanding.

Warren’s response was, well, pretty weak.

“We’ll make this happen,” she nonsensically said, her voice distinctly nervous. “And then … we’re there, we’re there.”

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“Hold on, hold on, we’ll get to lots of policy … be easy,” she said, seeming to plead with her own audience.

The senator then seemed to lose control of the event, with yells from the crowd and a disruption from staff members removing the protesters deflating whatever it was she was trying to say.

Again, protesters at political events are par for the course, but that’s kind of the point here. Any person who is serious about running for president should be completely prepared to be called out and challenged. How they respond to criticism shows a lot about their character.

Compare Warren’s weak, quivering response during this incident to how figures like Donald Trump or even Barack Obama dealt with similar disruptions. Say what you want about either president, but both of those candidates from either side were clearly playing to win.

Trump is famous for a take-no-prisoners approach to hecklers, often calling them or even the media out on the spot. Love him or hate him, it’s clear that he’s a fighter.

Obama had a different style with protesters, but he didn’t seem particularly phased by them. In fact, he sometimes joked that he liked being heckled because it was one of the lively parts of the campaign trail. Obama’s tenure might have been a disaster, but it’s hard to dispute that he was a strong campaigner.

Warren seems to have none of the fire or gravitas of the last two presidents. She comes across as desperately over her head on a political stage which will only become more difficult as the race heats up.

That’s even before mentioning the stresses of being president. On the campaign trail, weakness gets you mocked; behind the Resolute Desk, that same weakness can mean blunders that cost American lives.

We’re still a long way off from the 2020 election, but if Warren is the best and brightest the Democrats have, the liberal party is in real trouble.

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