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Emaciated Dog Rescued After Locked in Pet Carrier and Tossed in Dumpster


Dogs are loving and loyal creatures, and they may understand us very well, but they don’t understand everything we do. That’s OK, though, because sometimes people don’t even understand why other people do the things they do.

This little chihuahua probably has no idea why his owner refused to feed him, why he was forced to sit in his own filth and steep in muck, or why no one helped him get rid of the parasites he was riddled with.

Dogs aren’t always easy to care for, and they have their own range of behavioral problems that loving owners have to put in the time to combat, but even if this chihuahua — now named Oscar — had been a barker, a fear biter, or a dog who habitually peed on rugs, none of that would have validated the horrible conditions he was left in.

Oscar wasn’t merely abused and neglected: He was thrown away like trash. That’s not a fancy turn of phrase, it’s literal.

Someone took him, in his kennel, and chucked him into a dumpster. If he hadn’t climbed out of the wreckage and freed himself, the good Samaritan who eventually passed by might never have seen the poor 4-pound dog lying on top of the garbage heap.

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Fortunately for the emaciated pup, Nov. 2 marked the last day he would suffer for no reason and through no fault of his own. He was rescued and taken to the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines, Iowa, where his recovery began.

The rescue group posted on Facebook, detailing what little they knew about the chihuahua’s turbulent past, though most of it had to be deciphered through his horrible body condition and the stains on his fur. They also reintroduced him to one of a dog’s favorite things in life: food.

“This poor guy was so hungry that once he began having food again, his body immediately responded,” they wrote. “In the first 48 hours he regained 25% of his body weight!”

Can you believe someone would do this to a dog?

They couldn’t find any reason that would indicate why he had been so neglected. In the video they posted, even though Oscar has bones clearly visible from underneath his lifeless coat and is distressed, he still manages the tiniest little tail waggle, which is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming.

“He is so sweet,” they wrote. “He wants to be near people at all times and especially loves being held … It is unimaginable that anyone could look into Oscar’s eyes and just throw him away.”

He has dozens of potential adopters pledging their homes and affection online, so the chances are good that he’ll find a loving home once he’s ready to go to one.

The rescue asked for donations to help Oscar and other dogs like him get back to their full potential. They also asked for help tracking down whoever did this to the defenseless pup.

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“P.S. We are desperately searching for the person responsible for Oscar’s condition and need your help identifying them,” they wrote.

“Oscar was found in the dumpster at 6th Ave. and Forest Ave. in the River Bend neighborhood of Des Moines. If you have any information, please contact ARL Animal Control Officer Tina at 515-208-9248 or You can remain anonymous.”

Hopefully they’ll find whoever did this. All the best to you in your new adventure, Oscar!

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