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Every Day Little Boy Plays 'Star-Spangled Banner' on Trumpet To Give Neighbors Hope During Pandemic


In this time of change, kids are experiencing a new “normal” just as much as adults are.

Going to school has changed dramatically, and many children are choosing to cling to familiar routines to stabilize themselves as they navigate this new frontier.

One sibling set found familiarity in respecting the American flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before school each day — even if that meant school at home.

Their dad, a teacher, filmed his two daughters as they stood outside their Pennsylvania home and recited the pledge, fully decked out for school, before turning and going inside the house to start their work.

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Another set of siblings who normally spend a good chunk of their time practicing their cellos and going to lessons found themselves with plenty of time to practice, and their mom encouraged them to find a unique way to get that done during a period of social distancing.

They ended up giving their elderly neighbor an impromptu concert, which she was thrilled to receive from a safe distance away.

To combine both of those stories in a patriotic performance, enter one young man named Albert who has heart and a trumpet.

One of his parents posted from their Facebook account on March 24 to share their son’s dedication and thoughtfulness.

“Everyday at 6:30pm my 11year old son, plays The Star Spangled Banner with his trumpet,” Rocio N John Teliha wrote.

“At first, I didn’t think much of it. I thought he was just practicing with his trumpet. Finally I asked him, why are you playing the song everyday – his answer melted my heart.”

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“He said I want everyone to not lose hope and let everyone know we will be okay!”

The video has been shared over 100,000 times and viewed 1.9 million times.

Many commented on the boy’s performance, and some were locals who wanted him to know how much they appreciated his gesture.

“I love this!” wrote one. “I see in SF everyone opens a window and sings. I will be listening in tonight for his trumpet. Tell him he is being heard!”

“Tell him it was beautiful and we appreciate it!” the same commenter later added.

Trumpets are loud, and one person commented to say that hopefully the neighbors were on board with his performances — to which his parents replied “we talked to them they actually love it.”

The comments were relayed to the young musician, and his response was posted on his parents’ account.

“Albert wants to thank everyone for watching the video and your beautiful comments,” they shared. “He said he will get better at it!”

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