Everyone Should Have To Take This Quick & Easy Voter IQ Test Before Election Day


Have you ever stood in line at your voting precinct, looked around at all of the various forms of humanity surrounding you and despairingly thought, “Should these peoples’ vote truly count as much as my own?” or far more importantly, “Does the vast majority of the people here even possess the most basic political knowledge and the mental capacity to vote responsibly?”

Checking voter ID cards is important for the integrity of what many of our nation’s uninformed voters like to believe is our democratic system of government, but it’s not even close to being the most important issue we must address before someone is allowed to wield their civic power in the voting booth.

First and foremost, we must also immediately start testing citizen’s voter IQs so that America won’t soon become the next Venezuela, Syria, Somalia or even potentially worse … what the United Kingdom, France and Germany are quickly transforming into.

The United States is currently the most powerful country on Earth and the American people are solely responsible for voting in the best available politicians who will be able to lead us into an even more peaceful, prosperous and globally powerful future.

It’s therefore imperative that we allow everyone who is intellectually fit and informed a clear path into the nearest empty voting booth. Sadly, we must also temporarily deny those with a low Voter IQ their right to vote until they’re able to successfully raise their Voter IQ on our quick and easy 4 short question exam. Don’t worry though. Those who fail will immediately be given the correct answers and will be allowed to repeatedly take the test until they also become true American patriots with a high Voter IQ.

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And just to help the precincts run a little more efficiently, we are releasing the exam questions in advance for you to diligently study ahead of time. Let’s see how you do.

Question 1. Which major political party (Democrats or Republicans) still clings to the blatantly racist view that African-Americans are disproportionately incapable of performing such simple everyday tasks as acquiring a valid ID card?

Answer: The Democratic Party

It’s bad enough that our nation’s Democratic Party actually views African-Americans as being unable to earn jobs based upon their own given abilities, talents and proven work experience — but they also see African-Americans as being disproportionately unable to seek out their state’s identification cards in order to vote, cash checks, have bank accounts, etc.

Question 2. When a legal immigrant enters the United States from a third world dumpster fire of a country and attains citizenship, would both the immigrant and America be better off if the immigrant voted for:

A. The same social values and economic policies that have been destroying their country of origin since the beginning of time.

B. The traditional American values and our superior capitalist economic policies that have made the USA the envy of the world.

Answer: Even if you might immediately get de-platformed off of all social media for the mere acknowledgment of this obvious and irrefutable fact — the correct answer is B.

The voters should also be informed that the exact same reasoning also applies to the former residents of California who have fled their socialist dystopia in search of better lives throughout America’s bountiful red states.

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Question 3. Which future U.S. president received the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor along with Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali on Oct. 27, 1986?

A. Barack Hussein Obama

B. Donald John Trump

Answer: Our current president, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor which is awarded in honor of tolerance, patriotism, diversity and brotherhood. President Trump has exemplified these traits as president by lowering African-American, Latino and Asian unemployment to all-time record lows.

Question 4. Are you fully committed to helping to make America great again?

A. Yes, absolutely!

B. America was never great to begin with.

C. Just a moment. I’m busy on my cell phone transferring money back home to my country of origin.

D. No, absolutely not!

Answer: Yes, absolutely!

If you scored 0 out of the 4 questions correct, you have a Voter IQ of zero. You are strongly encouraged to turn off MSNBC and CNN and to tattoo the answers to these questions to the back of your hands since you’re not likely to be able to pass the test otherwise.

If you scored 1 out of 4, you have a Voter IQ of 70. Try to find it in your heart to forgive your high school United States government instructor and keep on trying.

If you scored 2 out of 4 you have a Voter IQ of 100 which likely makes you an average voter but you’re still too implicitly dangerous to be given the right to vote. You should be able to study for 2 more minutes and pass the exam with the greatest of ease.

If you scored 3 out of 4, you have a Voter IQ of 120. Congratulations! You are now allowed to vote. Sadly, your knowledge of what is best for America is surely guaranteed to preclude you from any future in today’s Ivy League university humanities departments.

If you’ve scored 4 out of 4, you have a Voter IQ of 160 and are the equivalent of a modern-day political Albert Einstein. You’ve overcome your K-12 indoctrination that you received in lieu of a legitimate education and have obviously succeeded admirably in meaningfully educating yourself.

At some point in our lives, we have all been both the teacher and the student. While we may never actually succeed in getting a Voter IQ test administered to the masses — we can all play our part by sharing these values and factoids with our fellow Americans.

That’s the quickest way that any of us will be able to change a lifelong Democrat into a proud, self-sufficient conservative Republican.

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Jeffery Ford is an author and guest on numerous talk radio shows.
Jeffery Ford is an author and frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows.