Ex-Abortionist Shows Sick Trick They Used to Get Teen Moms to Abort - 'You Grab the Bony Part of Their Elbow'


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When the left was first trying to legalize abortion, many were using the slogan, “Safe, legal and rare.” As time has gone on, the “rare” portion of the goal has fallen by the wayside.

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One person who previously fell victim to the schemes of the abortion industry is The Heidi Group founder Carol Everett. She previously worked as an abortion provider and spoke about her experiences in the film.

“There are two marketing techniques to abortion, and you have to start back with the first one if you really want to look at it, because our goal was three to five abortions from every girl we could reach between the ages of 13 and 18,” Everett said.

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In marketing abortions specifically to young girls, the providers were trying to guarantee the money would keep coming in.

“If they start using abortion as a method of birth control early in their lives, they will continue to use abortion as a method of birth control through their entire childbearing years,” Everett said.

Does Everett's testimony change the way you view the abortion industry?

While leftists led Americans to believe abortion was only to be used as a last resort, providers had a different goal.

Just like any kind of sales, they need to sell the product to be successful.

When she was an abortion provider, Everett knew exactly what her staff needed to do to close the most sales.

“The point of sale for an abortion is the telephone,” Everett said. “So the people that answered our telephones were trained as telemarketers. They sold over the telephone.”

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Everett said she knew people had reservations about abortions, which is why her telemarketers had specially-written scripts to address this problem.

“That’s what sales is: overcome the objection, and you get the order,” she said. “And their salaries were actually based on the number of abortions that actually were completed as booked by them.”

Employees also used face-to-face interactions as a means to make a connection with people that they could then exploit.

“They were all allowed to watch their pregnancy tests,” Everett said. “Now that’s a powerful sales tool. With a chart on the wall saying, ‘This is a positive test, this is a negative test,’ she watches that test become negative or positive.

“And if it’s positive, we trained our people to grab her on the bony part of the elbow and squeeze, gets their attention, and say, ‘If you have your money, we can take care of it right now.'”

An abortion provider’s goal is to exploit vulnerable women for money, and Everett experienced this firsthand. With the help of Jesus Christ, she was able to see the truth, and she now works to save unborn children through The Heidi Group.

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