Expert Notices Problem with Migrant Mom's Photo, Says She's a Total Fraud


On Wednesday, congressional representatives heard from an asylum-seeking Guatemalan woman whose 2-year-old daughter died shortly after being released from a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center.

According to Fox News, Yazmin Juárez is suing the federal government over her daughter Mariee’s death after she contracted a serious lung infection while detained.

However, after Juarez’s emotional testimony, a beauty and wellness business owner picked up on something about the mother that a majority of people wouldn’t have noticed.

Carmen Hamerski, a skin care educator and master asthetician, noted in a Facebook post Thursday that Juárez was groomed like a model, donning microbladed eyebrows and acrylic nails.

According to Hamerski, the Guatemalan mother’s beauty treatment is not a cheap one. “Having worked in the Beauty business for a very long time, I can tell that’s an expensive nail job. I’m sorry! America is being taken advantage of. Poor villagers don’t walk around with long nails like that,” she noted.

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“In addition, I can recognize microbladed brows in an instant — price: $300-500. Ugh!” Hamerski continued. “Seriously? I’m all for helping legal individuals get a better life, after all, I was one. But I’m not for helping people take advantage of the compassionate hearts of the American people, whom I adore.”

Hamerski has street cred on the topic of migrants, as she is a Spanish-speaking immigrant who came to America from Rosario, Argentina. She did it the legal way.

The Western Journal has reached out to Carmen Hamerski for comment but has not yet received a response. We will update this article if and when we do.

Do you agree with Carmen Hamerski?

During the testimony, Juárez spoke through a translator, saying, “We came to the U.S. in the hope of finding a better life for us. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Instead my baby girl died slowly and painfully just months before her third birthday.”

“I am here today because the world needs to know what is going on in ICE detention centers,” she added.

While losing a child is devastating and my heart breaks for her, the tragic incident could have probably been avoided if Juárez took her daughter through the legal immigration process.

Yes, it takes a long time in many cases, but it also means that the risk of death or injury is significantly lower. And it also means not having to run and hide every time ICE shows up in the neighborhood.

It’s certainly a less-than-ideal time to be detained in border detention facilities, as they are being overrun with an unprecedented influx of migrants — most of whom are traveling from Central America. In addition, conflicting local, state and federal laws ensure migrants are kept in custody for far too long.

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Adding fuel to the fire of a problem, the propaganda from leftist politicians and open-border advocates is not helping. Lawmakers such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are exploiting the migrants for political gain and as an attack against President Donald Trump’s administration.

Instead of trying to fix the big picture of the southern border crisis in Congress, as they’re elected to do, radical liberal politicians would rather use it to make headlines.

We don’t know Juárez’s full story, but as Hamerski pointed out, most women — let alone someone who came to the United States “in the hope of finding a better life” — aren’t walking around with $500 nail jobs.

The U.S. is a proverbial melting pot for cultures and people from all around the world — but that can all be stripped away if Democrats give illegal aliens the green light to pass through a borderless America.

When ICE works to enforce the law by catching undocumented immigrants around the country, agents have no choice but to send them to overcrowded facilities instead of promptly deporting the individuals.

Ultimately, U.S. citizens and legal immigrants should not stand for an open-border society but continue to advocate for legal immigration.

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