Failed Democrat Tries to Own Elon Musk, But It Backfires Spectacularly When He Replies with 1 Tweet


Generally speaking, Democrats can’t stand Elon Musk. We see them pile on the new Twitter owner every day, trying their best to score cheers from their anti-Musk followers.

One failed congressional Democrat, a video game developer Brianna Wu, thought she got one over on the Tesla and SpaceX founder after he posted a friendly tweet wishing everyone a happy start to 2023, adding that he promised exciting things to come.

“Hope you’re having a great day 1 2023! One thing’s for sure, it won’t be boring,” Musk tweeted Sunday. Apparently, that was all it took to trigger Wu’s Musk Derangement Syndrome (MDS).

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Wu responded with one of the tired attacks against Musk and his net worth. Sure, the billionaire has lost a few pennies in his latest pursuits. There are numerous factors to explain that, including the overall negative outlook of the U.S. economy.

But he still manages to claim the title of the world’s second richest man when he’s not the first. That’s not a bad deal.

“You worked hard this year and lost over 200 billion. I believe that this year you will surpass yourself with even worse decisions,” Wu’s unprovoked attack read.

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Musk, as lovely of a guy as he seems to be, doesn’t respond well to such attacks and managed to utterly humiliate the failed Massachusetts House candidate in five words.

“Thanks for paying me $8,” Musk responded.

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Musk’s retort was in reference to the cost of subscribing to his version of Twitter Blue, which offers added benefits to Twitter users and the famous blue verification checkmark that liberal Twitter influencers were quick to flash to signal their elite social credit score among the peasants.

It’s incredible that Wu would take such a cheap and boring shot at Musk while forking over $8 per month, which ironically goes back toward building up Musk’s net worth. Now that’s rich.

Clearly realizing that Musk’s sharp reply had humiliated her in front of all of Twitter, Wu embarrassed herself further by responding with gibberish about legal actions concerning Musk’s FSD or “Full Self-Driving technology” failures.

“No problem, buddy. I’ve got another $8 I can spot you for the legal fees when the inevitable lawsuits come over failed FSD. You just let me know,” Wu tweeted.

Twitter user Collin Rugg summarized the exchange in simple terms that, hopefully, Wu can understand.

“You lost,” Rugg tweeted.

She sure did.

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