Parody Trudeau Ad Is the Funniest Thing You'll See All Week


Lampooning our politicians is an art form that goes back to the early days of North American colonization. We often think of classic figures as stodgy and stiff orators, but forget that deep thinkers ranging from Voltaire to Benjamin Franklin used political satire and even cartoons as powerful tools.

Humor may have changed a lot since the 1700s, but its role in poking fun at political figures while communicating important points is still vital. That’s exactly what one political pundit just did with a brutally funny take-down of Canada’s liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Political commentator Ronny Cameron is a right-leaning activist whose videos have received millions of views on YouTube. He’s taking on the liberal media, but happens to be doing so north of the border.

“The media in Canada is a sham and has failed Canadians,” he explained on his official site.

“The mainstream media is more concerned with telling its audience how to think and how to feel, as opposed to covering the real issues and providing thought provoking insight like I strive to do everyday,” Cameron continued.

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It’s often been said that politics is downstream from culture, and using new outlets — including satirical videos on social media — is a powerful way to get people to consider important topics from new angles.

Enter one of Ronny Cameron’s newest creations: A fake “campaign ad” for Justin Trudeau which highlights just how out of touch and over his head the Liberal Party leader has become.

“Justin Trudeau: He’s not your typical-looking prime minister,” the parody political ad begins. “He may not be a facts and figures kind of guy, but he’s looking to put Canadians first.”

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“We’re not talking about boring Canadians like veterans and middle class families,” the low-key narration declares.

“No, we’re talking about real Canadians, like convicted terrorist Omar Khadr, or the ISIS fighters,” the parody video continues.

Khadr is the Canadian-born terrorist who fought with Al Qaeda aligned groups in Afghanistan. The Canadian jihadist admitted to participating in attacks against coalition troops, including throwing a grenade that killed U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer.

Despite being a foreign fighter who fought with terrorists loyal to Osama bin Laden, Omar Khadr was given a disgraceful apology from Trudeau’s Canadian government — along with a payout of nearly $10 million for essentially being a traitor to all of western civilization.

“See, Justin Trudeau doesn’t mind giving millions of dollars to credible sources like corrupt Islamic nations and the good people at the Clinton Foundation,” the mocking political ad continues. “And by the way, he really, really likes socks.”

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The best humor has a strong basis in truth, and that’s why this video hits a home run. Trudeau is the personification of the liberal obsession with fuzzy feelings and a warm smile over principles and logic.

When he’s not busy apologizing for Western civilization or sanctimoniously scolding people who use the word “mankind,” the leader of our northern neighbors simply re-packages failed liberal socialism and pretends that it is “progressive.”

The last thing North America needed was another stuffed suit making empty promises. Unfortunately, that’s what Canada got, but they’ll have a chance during their 2019 election to reverse that mistake.

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