Famous Celeb Frankie Muniz's House Destroyed After Cat Leaves Water on for 3 Days


Animals are not always the most well-behaved critters indoors. They’ve adapted to house life over generations of being brought inside and pampered, but they still have hiccups.

Sure they love the cozy couches, the carpet to lie down on, and the warmth and safety that shelter has to provide — but deep down inside, many of them still have wild beast tendencies. They are animals, after all.

They will get into the trash if they think something in it smells good. They’ll go to the bathroom on the lovely beige grass you’ve so kindly installed throughout the house.

And sometimes, they’ll turn on the faucets while you’re out and end up ruining your house. Well, that one sounds a little far-fetched… but not if you’ve owned cats, and not if you’re Frankie Muniz.

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Apparently Muniz was recently away from home for a few days to attend a relative’s funeral. While he was gone, disaster struck.

If you’ve had a cat, you know how incorrigibly curious they are. They are definitely their own people, and they will do what they want.

They climb up onto counters and bat things off of them with abandon. It’s not really outside the realm of possibility that Muniz’s cat managed to bump into a faucet handle and turn on the water.

The real question is whether or not the cat did it on purpose. It could have easily brushed by the handle and unintentionally turned on the water, but there are cats who do know how to turn the water on. And cats can be quite bitter about being left alone sometimes, so it could have been done with a vindictive spirit.

Either way, the water got turned on. And it was left on for days. A few hours of running water is bad enough — but days?

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Muniz claims his belongings are wrecked and most of his home has been destroyed, all because of the cat. Some people have expressed their sympathy, but Muniz’s posts are oddly quiet about the current state of the cat.

Many are asking about the feline, wanting to ensure that it’s doing okay after all this. So far, no word on its whereabouts or status, according to Business Insider.

Others are berating Muniz for leaving his cat alone for several days, insinuating that he got what he deserved. Certainly, if he’d had a sitter they would have noticed the running water and could have mitigated the disaster.

While we wait to hear about how the cat has fared, this is a good reminder that cats are animals, they can get into trouble, and (for everyone’s sake) it’s best to have someone at least checking in on them if you go out of town for a few days.

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