Famous Race-Baiter Now Says That Black Criminals Are Just Whites in Masks


Tariq Nasheed, a notorious race-baiter whose delusions of grandeur regarding the alleged epidemic of racism in America make even the Rev. Al Sharpton look somewhat sane in comparison, has officially jumped the shark.

The stunning moment he finally fully detached himself from reality occurred Dec. 29, when he posted a tweet suggesting that the black criminals we sometimes see on the news — to be clear, we also see white criminals, Hispanic criminals, Asian criminals, etc. — are, in reality, white men in disguise.

Say what!?

“There are several companies that make realistic looking ‘Black men’ masks, and white supremacists are using these masks to commit crimes, like bank robberies,etc.,” he wrote, citing no evidence whatsoever.

(Evidence is not something the left needs much of when it comes to hurling accusations, though.)

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“I wonder what other crimes they could be committing using these masks?” he added, totally oblivious to how utterly insane he sounded.

He further attached a video to his tweet that apparently depicted a white man testing out a black face mask.

View the whole tweet below:

Do you think white criminals are disguising themselves as blacks?

First of all, anyone who would be fooled by that hilarious mask is an idiot. It might look deceptive from a distance, but up close, it’s obviously fake. Second, reported cases of whites masquerading as blacks to commit crimes are vanishingly rare.

One happened in 2010, as reported then by ABC News, and another happened last October, as reported by the U.K. Daily Mail. But neither man was reported to be a white supremacist. The Ohio bank robber in 2010 was a Polish immigrant. The November 2017 bank robber in California appeared to be a garden-variety criminal who had what he thought was a good idea for a disguise, according to a San Jose Mercury-News report.

Besides these two, I can find no other examples to back Nasheed’s ludicrous theory. This comes as no surprise, given that this is the same idiot who once accused highly celebrated conservative commentator Ben Shapiro “of being a “white supremacist … who tries to mask his racist rhetoric by claiming to be jewish.”

Clearly, Nasheed is willing to say just about anything, though he’s not alone. Many in the liberal media play the same “game” as him. The goal of the “game” revolves around fabricating totally contrived excuses to explain the actual epidemic of black criminality. It’s all a farce though.

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Black crime remains a serious problem for America not because of white supremacists using black face masks to smear blacks. No. It remains a problem because, like many other struggling communities, the black community has had to deal with a rise in single-parent homes, a rise in black unemployment (during Obama’s presidency, at least) and a rise in thug culture.

And it’s the same black community that’s most victimized by the crimes that are committed.

While these factors have affected all communities in America, the black community has, sadly, shouldered much of the burden. With President Donald Trump now in office, however, it has already begun to see a notable reversal —  not that Nasheed, who’s notorious for his anti-Trump rage, gives a damn.

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