Father of Two Killed in Wrong Way Crash, Illegal Immigrant Charged with Drunk Driving and Felony Death by Vehicle


This is what President Joe Biden’s immigration policy leads to — Americans dead on the road.

An illegal immigrant was arrested and charged with killing a fellow driver on U.S. 70 in Johnston County, North Carolina, WRAL-TV reported on March 30.

Rolbin Pacheco, the man in question, was reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road “before 1 a.m.” while drunk, resulting in a head-on collision with victim Cheston Edwards which lead to his death.

Edwards was reportedly leaving his girlfriend’s home in Raleigh and talking on the phone with her. Edwards’ mother, Mary Edwards, told WRAL in an interview that Edwards was a hard worker and a loving son and father.

“He loved his family, he loved me,” Mary told WRAL, “He was a person who had deep love.”

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Edwards’ girlfriend reportedly told Mary that his phone “just cut off while they were talking,” and that she believed he was simply driving “through a bad area.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Mary said of the immigrant, “He needs to know that he has hurt me, deeply. He’s taken something from me that he shouldn’t have taken.” Amazingly, Mary continued in an awesome expression of faith, saying, “I loved my son and my son loved me,” she said. “I will see him again. I will see him again.”

Edwards’ case is heartbreaking, and his mother is absolutely right. This man should have never had to leave his four-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son, but because an illegal immigrant was able to slip through the cracks, a family was changed forever.

This is just one case, and the danger of the president’s current immigration policy means it might not be rare.

Will the rise in illegal immigration lead to a rise in crime rate?

In the way of anecdotal evidence, the Federation for American Immigration Reform actively records “Serious Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens” on its website and has archives going back to 2002. Crimes like rape and murder are no strangers to FAIR’s list.

The worst part of these cases is that, unfortunately, they’re just a sampling size of the actual statistic.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s fiscal year 2020 report, out of the 185,884 immigrants removed by the agency, 118,949 had “criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.” Sixty-four percent of illegal aliens were criminals in some form or fashion before they crossed the border — imagine what some might do if border security doesn’t catch them.

As FAIR states, these cases and statistics “may not represent the general illegal alien population.” Border ranchers across the country have noted in interviews that many immigrants they encounter are simply looking to better the lives of themselves and their families, the same as the regular American.

However, compelling statistics like these, as FAIR notes, demonstrate beyond all doubt the need for strong border policy aimed at stopping illegal immigration in its tracks.

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Unfortunately, Biden is more focused on appearing woke than he is on protecting his constituents.

Biden’s woke, “America Last” policy of removing funding from law enforcement and removing protection from communities has directly impacted the safety and property of Americans along the border. Texas ranchers have testified to thousands of dollars in property damage in recent months, and one New Mexico rancher even has to travel his property armed in case of attacks.

These cases only serve as anecdotal examples of the massive surge in illegal immigration in recent months — March alone broke a 15-year-old record with 172,331 enforcement encounters recorded by CBP, representing a 70 percent increase from February’s 101,028 encounters.

With Biden’s flagrant disregard of the southern border, leaving miles of the border exposed and even without law enforcement in some cases, alongside the asinine policy of the rest of his administration, the number of illegal immigrants who could potentially cause the deaths of Americans nationwide is frightening.

Hopefully, with leaks possibly showing that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas may finish the border wall to plug the wall gaps left by Biden’s Jan. 20 executive order, cases like Edwards’ may become less common.

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