Fearless Model Diagnosed with Cancer Inspires Millions Before Passing Away at 24


Brazilian model, blogger and Instagram star Nara Almeida, 24, first received her devastating stomach cancer diagnosis in August of 2017.

But the brave model immediately recognized her diagnosis as simply a small part of a larger plan. In an incredible series of Instagram posts throughout the last year, Nara explained what her diagnosis truly meant to her.

“It’s part of a larger plan, we’ll only understand later,” she wrote. “I always wanted to make my life worthwhile, I always wanted to be more, I never wanted to be one more, and I know that it will strengthen me to be who I want to be and to convey the message that I really want to you, that life can be light and full of love regardless of the bad moments.”

From the moment doctors told her the news, Nara felt her diagnosis was a chance to show others how light can shine through even the darkest of times.

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“08/08/2017 the most crazy day of my life, the day I received the diagnosis that I had a stomach cancer,” she wrote. “I will never forget the feeling and energy I felt at the time.The only thing I could do was cry, but it was not a cry of sadness, I felt emotion because it is being chosen to be part of a larger plan. This is how I see this phase! Everything has a reason!”

Nara’s empowering words quickly earned her an army of over 4.5 million followers, as fans from around the world watched her face one of the most difficult challenges of the human existence with positivity and understanding.

Throughout her almost 10-month battle with stomach cancer, Nara documented each and every step along the way. No matter how painful the moment or how graphic the treatment, Nara shared her experience with the world.

“These last days were very difficult, I had an allergic reaction to the medicines and my body was all this,” one of her posts read. “An infinite itch, fever, sore throat, screaming of pains because it burns a lot. I only ask God for mercy because it is not easy to get through this.”

Even when she learned that the cancer had spread to her organs, meaning nothing more could be done to save her, Nara stayed positive.

“The doctors gave me the confirmation that my case was aggravated, there is no possibility of a cure,” she said. “But once again I repeat to you, “IT’S ONLY A PHASE,” I’m sure this will not be my end.”

Nara continued her courageous fight until May of 2018, and she more than fulfilled her mission to be more than a number by spreading positivity before her death. The impact she made throughout her battle with cancer continues to live on after her.

The model’s boyfriend Pedro Rocha recently took to social media to share the news of Nara’s passing.

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“Unfortunately Nara passed away last night, after so much fighting I wanted to have her forever, but she deserved to rest,” he wrote.

“Her death leaves a huge space in my heart but she is going to live forever inside me, she will always be my inspiration, making me see the world in a better light.

Although the news was incredibly difficult for Pedro to share, he has found comfort in the legacy his beloved Nara has left behind for a generation in need of hope.

“I am sure she will continue conveying her strength to many people, as this was her objective. Rest in peace my love.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nara’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

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