Fed-Up Conservative Dad Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Challenges Bud Light with His Own Beer Brand


Beer aficionados who are exploring other brews following Bud Light’s decision to partner with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney have a new option.

A conservative father has launched a brand that is not merely neutral, but bills itself as “100% Woke-Free American Beer” — Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right.

Seth Weathers, CEO of Freedom Speaks Up, hopes Americans who are tired of having the left’s agendas shoved in their faces will give it a chance.

Weathers unveiled the beer in a video on social media on Wednesday. In 48 hours, it garnered 34 million views on Twitter alone.

“America’s been drinking beer from a company that doesn’t even know which restroom to use,” he said in the video. “That’s why I’ve created Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right, 100 percent woke-free beer.

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“As conservatives, we’re constantly getting hit in the face, left and right, by the woke mind virus. But the last place we want it is in our beer.”

Weathers added, “If you know which bathroom to use, you know what beer you should be drinking. Stop giving money to woke corporations that hate our values.”

The baseball-themed ad then cut to Weathers smashing a can of Bud Light with a wooden bat.

He concluded the ad with a blunt message: “And to the rest of you woke corporations, stay the f*** away from our kids.”

Capitalism is alive, creative and ready to fill a void left behind in the beer industry — now that Bud Light has joined the left’s crusade to corrupt the minds of young people.

It would be easy to write off Weathers as someone simply trying to cash in on the controversy, but this guy comes off as genuine.

Weathers told Fox News he doesn’t care so much if people end up buying his beer, just as long as they stop buying from Anheuser-Busch.

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“We can’t boycott 10 companies, but we can boycott one that sells a s*** beer,” he told the network. “If we stuck to that, we would send a message that would live forever. … Send a message to Anheuser-Busch. Shut them down.”

“I have kids and I don’t care what their response is, Bud Light has hired a mentally deranged freak to market perversion to little children. I have a problem with that,” Weathers added.

“Corporations that do that should be put out of business by conservatives. They are spitting on us. We are half of America — they’re spitting on us. There has to be an alternative.”

Weathers said his beer, which is 4 percent alcohol and 110 calories per 12-ounce can, is available to order in 42 states, and he hopes to bring it to stores soon.

Some online have expressed hesitancy about Ultra Right due to its price. A six-pack currently goes for $19.99 online, plus the cost of shipping.

Weathers acknowledged the issue on Twitter and said he hopes to cut prices if the beverage catches on:

In spite of that hesitancy, many are ordering the beer, he told Fox News.

“Conservatives are blowing me away with the positive response. It’s absolutely nuts,” he stated. “The response is even wilder than I thought it would be. The left is doing the usual thing such as sending death threats and being nasty.”

He concluded, “I know a lot of people are paying a lot of shipping to get this. They’re paying more than they would to get their Bud Light. They’re doing it because they’re supporting the message we stand for and what we’re doing and that genuinely means a lot to me and everyone involved.”

It remains to be seen if Weathers’ new venture will succeed. But the takeaway here is something he pretty well summarized.

Conservatives who are tired of funding the left’s morally bankrupt causes need to remember there are always opportunities in the free market for them to make their voices heard.

Whether that is through starting a business or giving money to a new one that aligns with their values, there is a vacuum in the market that is itching to be filled.

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