Fed-Up House Democrats Unleash on 'Kindergarten-Level' Biden Administration


When things are at their bleakest nadir, it’s natural to turn to your closest allies and teammates to lift you up.

President Joe Biden, apparently, has no such luxury, at least according to a scathing report from Axios on Thursday.

The Biden administration, already in the throes of a myriad of issues, was taken to task via some absolutely incendiary quotes that, shockingly, did not come from Republicans.

No, rather, Biden and his administration appear to be running afoul of Democrats — perhaps the clearest and most troubling sign yet of the administration’s current fallibility.

In this instance, the issue at hand is the resolution to end the COVID national emergency that is still in effect across the country and the lack of clear messaging surrounding it.

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As Axios noted, the Senate voted 68-23 to pass the resolution to dissolve the national emergency on Wednesday, spearheaded by Republicans.

Curiously, the report stated that a White House source told Axios that while Biden “strongly opposes” ending the COVID national emergency, “he will sign it” should the resolution reach his desk.

That contradictory language was largely echoed in a January statement which condemned House Resolution 382 — before admitting that it may be overdue.

“First, an abrupt end to the emergency declarations would create wide-ranging chaos and uncertainty throughout the health care system,” the White House statement read, further calling HR 382 a “grave disservice to the American people.”

Are these Democrats right about the Biden administration?

And yet, as Axios notes, Biden still has every intention of signing the bill.

That contradictory stance on the bill has led to simmering tensions and bubbling frustrations among Democrats.

“It’s, like, kindergarten-level cooperation,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a Democrat from Virginia, described to Axios.

Spanberger, who felt spurned when it came to White House policy on addressing rampant Washington, D.C., crime, asked how a working partnership would even be feasible given the conflicting communications.

“How are you supposed to develop some sort of level of trust when … they say one thing and do another?” Spanberger added.

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Piling onto the Biden administration’s confusing handling of HR 382, Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan called the communication “unacceptable.”

“It’s an unacceptable lack of clarity, at best,” Kildee said.

He added: “I never have any concern about being on the opposite side of the White House on a policy question. But the lack of clear information, the lack of clarity in messaging, it’s not productive. It’s very unhelpful.”

Rep. Angie Crag, a Democrat from Minnesota, offered some softer critiques of the ongoing communication issues.

“I know my House colleagues would really appreciate getting a heads up from the White House,” Craig said. “I think it would be really helpful to have as clear information from the White House as possible.”

The Biden administration had originally earmarked May 11 to end the COVID national emergency.

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Bryan Chai has written news and sports for The Western Journal for more than five years and has produced more than 1,300 stories. He specializes in the NBA and NFL as well as politics.
Bryan Chai has written news and sports for The Western Journal for more than five years and has produced more than 1,300 stories. He specializes in the NBA and NFL as well as politics. He graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. He is an avid fan of sports, video games, politics and debate.
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