Feminist Designs Anti-'Manspreading' Chair with Sexist Double Standard


While the left enjoys basking in its own hypocrisy, no one does it better than the advocates of radical feminism.

According to The Daily Wire, feminist student Laila Laurel — who specializes in “3D Design and Craft” from the University of Brighton — has created a chair that prevents men from “manspreading.”

Laurel said the chair’s design, which forces a man’s knees together when sitting, was inspired after her personal space on public transportation was repeatedly violated by manspreading males.

“It came from my own experiences of men infringing on my space in public,” Laurel said of her design. “With my chair set I hoped to draw awareness to the act of sitting for men and women and inspire discussion around this.”

Laurel also swung the pendulum in the opposite direction: the feminist made a chair for women that ensures their legs are spread when sitting.

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“Her women’s chair literally makes women spread their legs just like what she’s complaining that men do,” one Twitter user pointed out.

If it hasn’t been clear before now, the modern feminist movement has nothing to do with egalitarianism and everything to do with reversing the roles of men and women.

In fact, medical professionals say that basic biology is one reason that men feel more comfortable “manspreading.” Laurel is attacking a “male privilege” that simply doesn’t exist.

“The overall width of the pelvis is relatively greater in females and the angle of the femoral neck is more acute. These factors could play a role in making a position of sitting with the knees close together less comfortable in men,” spinal neurosurgeon Dr. John Sutcliffe said, according to The Independent.

“I suspect most men would suggest the reason for adopting the more spread posture in sitting would be the avoidance of testicular compression from the thigh muscles. The pelvic rotation goes some way to improve compression in both aspects,” Sutcliffe concluded.

Have feminists gone too far with this invention?

Laurel’s invention was decimated on Twitter, with conservatives dog-piling on the duplicity of the anti-manspreading chair.

One individual even asked if “making a chair that addresses the biological differences between men and women” is “transphobic.”

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Another offered a solution to Laurel’s chairs: “simply say that you identify as the opposite gender when paired with a gendered chair you don’t like.”

The creation of these chairs is nothing more than a publicity stunt. They look neither comfortable nor practical.

The fairest thing for both genders would be a simple, usable seat. For feminists like Laurel, even that is too much to ask for.

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