Feminist Left Sputtering as Tucker Turns Her Into Pro-Shariah Laughingstock


During a discussion Thursday evening about Macy’s recent decision to launch a Muslim-centric clothing line featuring hijabs, Fox News host Tucker Carlson grilled a feminist guest over her belief that hijabs and other modest items of apparel are somehow “empowering” to women.

“The point of Islamic clothing is to promote modesty among women … it’s a central part of Islamic culture. So are you for that? Do you think women should be coerced to dress modestly? Is that a feminist goal?” Carlson asked point-blank.

His guest, feminist Sonia Ossorio of the National Organization for Women, tried to deflect by arguing women should be permitted the right to wear anything they desire, according to the Independent Journal Review.

“I think what a feminist goal is is for women to be in control of their lives and their destinies and to have choices, so whether a woman wants to wear a hijab or she doesn’t is really not the point,” she replied.

Just to be clear, women in the United States already enjoy this right — as well as many others — because Americans believe in “liberty and justice for all.” Moreover, no reasonable conservative opposes Macy’s decision to sell hijabs.

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What concerns conservatives such as Carlson is the lack of women’s rights in Islamic countries, where for the record women must dress modestly lest they be raped, imprisoned or even stoned to death.

But even more appalling is how Western feminists such as Ossorio have gleefully adopted hijabs “as a symbol of resistance.”

“Here you have in the United States, women who had never donned a hijab in their entire life, and marched over to JFK airport at the time of the Trump travel ban and started wearing hijabs as a symbol of resistance, in protest to that, and at the same time, so they’re wearing them as a symbol of empowerment,” Ossorio explained.

In rebuttal, Carlson asked whether it would be equally “empowering” were Macy’s to sell a line of “Chinese foot-binding shoes” like those forced upon young Chinese girls up until the early 20th century.

Do you support Ossorio's brand of "feminism?"

“Is there anything that’s not empowering?” he added.

How about female genital mutilation? Is there anything empowering about that, Carlson asked.

Watch the full back-and-forth exchange below, and note how Ossorio starts to sputter like a choked pump as Carlson takes apart each of her arguments with the precision of a surgeon:

Again, there’s nothing wrong with women wearing hijabs of their own volition. It’s just odd to see spoiled and entitled Western feminists donning hijabs as symbols of “resistance,” all while they ignore the genuine hell being experienced by their counterparts in the Islamic world.

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Counterparts such as the Iranian woman in the video below “who threw off her veil in front of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and stood defiantly as freedom fighters massed around her,” as reported by The Daily Wire in December:

Instead of highlighting this woman’s struggle (FYI, she was later arrested for this stunt) feminists were busy “gearing up for a repeat of last year’s ‘Women’s March'” against President Donald Trump — a man whom countless American women helped elect into office in 2016.

Yet feminists like Ossorio find it hard to understand why so few people take them seriously anymore. Gee, what could it possibly be!?

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