FL Health Dept. Warns Against Vax for Some Based on Study - Fact-Checkers, Other Researchers Say Study Flawed


UPDATE, Oct. 13, 2022: Since the publication of this article, other researchers have reviewed the Florida Department of Health’s study and subsequent COVID-19 vaccine guidance. Some experts claim there are several problems with the study, including inadequate support for the findings and conclusions drawn from allegedly misleading data. Health Feedback, a health and medical media fact checking site, writes “The analysis by the Florida Department of Health, used to support the guidance recommending against men aged 18 to 39 getting the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, is limited in ways that make it unreliable as evidence.” Their full fact check can be found here.

Biden administration officials must have been absolutely apoplectic following Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo’s recommendation against mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for men aged 18 to 39.

The Florida Department of Health announced Ladapo’s new guidance regarding COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in a late Friday news release. The release stated said the department had “conducted an analysis through a self-controlled case series … [and] found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

The COVID-19 vaccinations developed by both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are mRNAs.

A self-controlled case series, according to the department, “is a technique originally developed to evaluate vaccine safety.”

The new vaccine guidance advises that individuals “with preexisting cardiac conditions, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, should take particular caution when making this decision.”

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“With a high level of global immunity to COVID-19, the benefit of vaccination is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiac-related death among men in this age group. Non-mRNA vaccines were not found to have these increased risks,” the report said.

“Studying the safety and efficacy of any medications, including vaccines, is an important component of public health,” Ladapo said in the news release. “Far less attention has been paid to safety and the concerns of many individuals have been dismissed – these are important findings that should be communicated to Floridians.”

In a Twitter post published the same day as the news release, Ladapo wrote that “FL will not be silent on the truth.”

The objective of the study was “to evaluate the risks of all-cause and cardiac-related mortality following COVID-19 vaccination.”

It included Floridians aged “18 years or older who died within 25-weeks of COVID-19 vaccination since the start of the vaccination roll-out (December 15, 2020).” The study ended on June 1 of this year.

It excluded those who had a documented COVID-19 infection, had a COVID-19 associated death, had received a booster, or if they’d received their last COVID-19 vaccination after December 8, 2021, which would “ensure each individual had the 25-week follow-up period to experience the event of interest.”

The study concluded that COVID-19 vaccination “was not associated with an elevated risk for all-cause mortality. COVID-19 vaccination was associated with a modestly increased risk for cardiac-related mortality 28 days following vaccination. Results from the stratified analysis for cardiac-related death following vaccination suggests mRNA vaccination may be driving the increased risk in males, especially among males aged 18 – 39. Risk for both all-cause and cardiac-related deaths was substantially higher 28 days following COVID-19 infection. The risk associated with mRNA vaccination should be weighed against the risk associated with COVID-19 infection.”

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This was a bold move that will not be received well by Biden administration officials. After all, what do these findings say about their unconstitutional and immoral vaccine mandate?

While many Americans were delighted that a COVID-19 vaccine had become available, others were more skeptical.

Do you think the government is covering up the truth about the vaccine?

Naturally, that didn’t stop the Biden administration from issuing a nationwide vaccine mandate, forcing many Americans to either submit to a vaccine or lose their job.

It’s long past time for someone to acknowledge the growing number of reports about seemingly healthy young males who die suddenly after receiving an mRNA vaccine.

Let the games begin.

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