Fox News Continues To Help Dem Candidates as Brazile Urges Viewers To 'Embrace' Joe Biden


It’s no secret in 2019 that Fox News is essentially the only conservative-leaning, major cable news network. It has a loyal viewing audience who — going by their consistently high ratings — loves their regular Fox News programming.

That’s why some viewers may have been caught by surprise in recent months with the uptick in Fox News-hosted town halls for a number of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls — not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, in some sessions, there seemed to be an awful lot of softballs being tossed.

Then we see Democratic operatives such as Donna Brazile spending inordinate amounts of time — as she did on Wednesday morning during “Fox & Friends” — trying to package up former Vice President Joe Biden as a candidate the Fox News audience could possibly be interested in. She asked viewers to “embrace” Biden.

According to Fox News, the morning hosts questioned Brazile about Biden’s tendency to flip-flop on serious political issues, which has recently been more frequent.

Biden’s latest flip involved his stance on China. Just a month ago, he was doing his best to downplay any fear about the country, in an economic sense. But last week, the former vice president changed his mind and admitted he was “worried” about China. He stressed the importance of investing in America first to be competitive.

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Another recent example for which he caught a lot of flak was his stance on the Hyde Amendment. Biden had been a long-time supporter of the amendment that prevents federal funding from being used for abortions, with a few exceptions such as rape and incest. Supporting such a thing is not a popular stance among pro-abortion liberal voters.

And last week, Biden decided — seemingly at the drop of a hat — that he no longer supported the amendment.

So, instead of Brazile admitting that the former VP changing his mind is a little on the excessive side, she used her years of political tradecraft to explain that Biden isn’t a flip-flopper — but rather, he’s “evolving” on his positions.

“When they evolve, we should embrace their evolution,” Brazile said. “Perhaps this is not an evolution in his thoughts, but is he explaining it better now.”

Do you think Joe Biden flops too much on issues?

Of course, that was after she admitted that her opinion of Biden was on the “charitable” side, which isn’t surprising whatsoever.

She’s a former chair of the Democratic National Committee, after all.

The reason why voters — and especially Fox News viewers — won’t take someone like Brazile seriously is not because she’s a Democrat, but because they use common sense.

Sure, they’re not political analysts, but it doesn’t take one to deduce that based on history, Biden will likely change his mind on anything that’ll maintain or bump his poll numbers. And he’ll have people like Brazile to defend him, calling his changes in stance an “evolution,” as if it’s something to admire.

But it’s not.

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I’ve personally heard people say they have more respect for a candidate — even somebody with whom they can’t agree on anything — if he or she would just stick to a position. Being a wishy-washy flopper is cheap, lazy and pathetic.

Defending such a weak strategy by putting a pretty political bow on it is even worse.

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