Fred Weinberg: Bill de Blasio Is Today's George Wallace


Somebody asked me the other day what I thought of Nick Cannon and his anti-Semitic remarks.

My reply? Who the heck is Nick Cannon?

Apparently, I don’t get out much. Or, more accurately, I don’t inhale pop culture, which is the only way my path would have crossed Cannon’s. Not a big fan of shows like “The Masked Singer” and other crap that makes folks like Cannon into mini-celebrities, famous for being sort of famous.

So apparently Cannon shot off his mouth on a podcast about Jewish people but without much specificity (since the media was busy cowering). He was promptly fired by Viacom and his podcast distributor.

Hey, I was around when Jesse Jackson called New York “Hymietown.”

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Jackson was a “genuine” celebrity, having once appeared on Saturday Night Live as well as shaking down corporations and making guilty white folks feel uncomfortable.

He found a rabbi, prostrated himself and was then invited on hundreds of TV shows.

Cannon just took a page from that book.

But here’s his problem. I simply don’t care. If he hates Jewish people, no rabbi is going to turn him around.

Do you think Democratic mayors are letting mobs destroy their cities?

And, just like Jackson, you have to consider the source. Are you going to listen to a mini-celebrity schmuck whose knowledge of the real world is limited to a stand-up comedy set?

Frankly, he can call me 15 different kinds of k— and I wouldn’t care because he’s just another nobody trying to be relevant.

Whatever it was he said, we don’t need any help in canceling him. There’s nothing to cancel.

Now, how about those mayors in Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York.

You know what is a federal law?

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended.

Those federal guarantees of civil rights do not just apply to black people. They apply to everybody.

When a local government allows a mob to loot, kill and injure residents at will, those residents’ civil rights have been abridged and the federal government has every right to step in and restore those rights. It’s a federal law that has been duly upheld by the Supreme Court and the feds have every right to enforce it.

No matter what a blithering idiot like Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, has to say.

The same applies to Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, Bill de Blasio in New York and any other moronic mayor who defends not protecting their citizens.

If the federal government could integrate state universities and public schools, it can certainly ensure the civil rights of property owners and citizens who state and local officials refuse to protect.

Put it another way.

Bill de Blasio in New York is exactly the same as George Wallace was in Alabama when he attempted to keep his inaugural promise of “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” and stood at the door to try to block the entry of two African-American students at the University of Alabama. So is Lori Lightfoot in Chicago.

President Johnson was having none of it in 1963 and President Trump should have none of it today — even though The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board says that Trump should allow those local officials to continue their George Wallace act so they will own their conduct.

Trust me.

Nobody is going to blame the president for the actions of these moron mayors.

This crap has been going on for years. Trump is simply trying to stop it.

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