Fred Weinberg: These Local Judges Dealing with Election Fraud Are Completely Spineless


If the results of the Nov. 3 election tell us anything, it is that your local judges in Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia are all spineless.

Most of these clowns are elected and all of them appear to be using the legal system to instill a form of amnesia, favoring the local officials who pay their salaries.

Take Nevada. Judge James Russell, an elected judge, ignored the fact that the Clark County election supervisor, Joe Gloria, apparently got caught dodging a subpoena.

This came to light from Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks.

“[Donald Trump’s] campaign tells me they’ve been trying to serve Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria with a subpoena since Wednesday. County workers locked the building to keep them out and then Gloria hid in his house all weekend. What are Gloria and Clark County hiding?” Joecks tweeted on Nov. 30.

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Frankly, we’ll take Joecks’ word and the Trump campaign’s word any day of the week before we give Gloria any shred of credibility at all.

He was ultimately deposed, but the deposition was filed under seal, and the question remains why a county official hid.

Do you trust the local judges dealing with the Trump campaign's lawsuits?

What did he think he was hiding?

Can anybody trust his “judgment” going forward?

Nevada taxpayers gave this clown $204,906.64 in pay and benefits during 2019. For that, he should have walked on glowing coals to that deposition. But we suspect that he was thinking, “It’s Vegas, baby. I’ll get deposed when they depose Tony the Ant. I watched the movie ‘Casino,’ too.”

This is the quality of the public employee who was responsible for counting the majority of the votes in Nevada.

And then there’s Judge Russell. He got paid $252,739.88 to decide that sort of behavior signals there is no reason to even raise one’s eyebrows. And he allowed the evidence to be filed under seal, so we need to take his word. Why?

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If you think the deep state only exists at the federal level, you’re smoking a good grade of crack.

Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania all have similar problems.

We should never, ever again have an election like this where there is even a whiff of corruption which, if it were true, would change the results but elected judges afraid of losing their own jobs get to make the decision.

Now, maybe the solution to that is to send clowns like Nevada’s Russell packing and make their worst fears come true. Seventy-four million voters probably have that power.

Or, maybe the solution is to turn these questions federal and let lifetime-tenured judges make those decisions.

Or maybe, just maybe, the solution is to root out the rot and drain the swamp everywhere, as President Trump started to do in Washington. Maybe 50 state-level drain-the-swamp commissions.

Do you think the states’ founders really intended the Joe Glorias of the world to be hiding from the public as if they weren’t public servants?

Big Joe wasn’t making a fool of himself.

He was making a fool of every Nevada citizen other than himself.

And “Judge” Russell helped him do it.

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