German Gov't-Backed Push Seeks To Re-Educate Pre-School Kids from 'Right-Wing' Families


What happens when the government decides how you must raise your children?

What does it look like when bureaucrats tell families which views and beliefs are acceptable … and actively works to change the behavior of young children who don’t comply?

It sounds like something from the mind of George Orwell, but it could be happening in Europe right now. A brochure backed by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in Germany appears to be targeting “right-wing” parents, and is trying to push a far-left worldview on children.

According to Life Site News, the German government paid at least $5,000 to have the publication printed.

Mainstream media outlets in Germany including BZ Berlin and Der Spiegel have also reported on the controversial brochure.

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“The brochure was published last month by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation,” Life Site reported. “Dr. Franziska Giffey, the social-democratic German Federal Minister for Family Affairs, contributed a foreword to the 60-page document. It is Giffey’s own ministry that funded the brochure.”

Language in the government-backed publication (available here in German) appears to single out right-leaning families and traditional values for ridicule, and seems to warn parents about how these conservative views are dangerous.

In the forward penned by Dr. Giffey, the federal minister, families are warned about “a significant increase of right-wing populist movements.” Other parts of the brochure make it clear that they aren’t talking about fascist radicals. Instead, the publication is holding up conventional conservative views as red flags.

“At the beginning of the brochure, authors Enrico Glaser and Judith Rahner write about ‘extreme attitudes’ and ‘inequality’ in general, and thus link what they refer to as ‘racist’ positions to parents who oppose things like gender theory, sexual diversity, and immigration,” Life Site explained.

Do you think this brochure is alarming?

“Parents who have such attitudes are to be detected by their use of ‘seemingly harmless words which stem, however, from the jargon of the New (or Old) Right and which imply a deeply misanthropic attitude,'” the news source continued.

It’s the classic elitist tactic: Label common center-right views and traditional values as extremist, and then shame people for holding those “wrong” beliefs.

More examples from the publication make this blatantly clear. Other parts of the brochure warn about “the expansion of right-wing populism.” What does that mean? Well, if you dare voice concerns about rampant immigration, the sexualization of children, or fundamentalist Islam, you are now the enemy.

“For the authors, it is ‘right-wing’ parents who foster ‘racist debates about flight and asylum’ and ‘refugees,’ who foster ‘fear of indoctrination or premature sexualization of our children’, that is to say the rejection of sexual pedagogy and education concerning gender and sexual diversity, and who foster fear of ‘an Islamization of the Occident,'” Life Site reported, quoting the original German document.

There is a strong agenda which pushes transsexual normalization for children throughout the brochure.

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It is “part of the educational task to teach children gender equality and the diversity of gender identities and ways of life,” the German government-backed brochure declares. This is “crucial … in order to empower inter- and transsexual children.”

Make no mistake: If you even dare believe that boys are boys and girls are girls, you’re now an extremist in the eyes of Germany’s elitists.

“Right-wing populist, neo-Right, or religious-fundamentalist groups stir up hatred against the communication of diversity with the help of defamatory words such as ‘genderism’, ‘gender madness,’ or, as we said, ‘premature sexualization,'” the publication continued.

“Meant here is an alleged ‘re-education of our children’, who then supposedly cannot anymore be ‘real’ girls and boys,” it declared.

The brochure goes on to list numerous examples where traditional gender roles for boys and girls is seen as radical and dangerous, while transsexual childhoods and far-left worldviews are held up as the only acceptable answers.

It would be one thing if this was a random publication produced by some leftist group. Free speech should work both ways, and the entire definition of that freedom is that even the most ridiculous beliefs can be printed and distributed.

However, it’s very different when a government is funding what can only be described as propaganda. The fact that a German government official endorsed and wrote the preface to this brochure is the truly alarming part.

One publication is not the end of the world, but the overall trend needs to be watched. Americans should be wary of what is happening in Europe right now, because it’s a virtual certainty that the same moves will be made by U.S. leftists shortly.

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