Girl Has Sweetest Reaction When She Sees Dog After Wisdom Tooth Operation

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When kids are in high school, they often go through routine wisdom tooth extractions. Dad jokes and puns abound about this transition to adulthood and the loss of wisdom (teeth), but many people have experienced the strange after-effects of such procedures.

Often times, as people wake up from their operations and begin to regain consciousness, they go through an odd period of time where they say ridiculous things and generally embarrass themselves.

Some get incredibly weepy and emotional, others are over-the-moon happy. Usually a friend or family member catches the patient on video, because they act so unlike their normal selves.

But Hannah Walden from San Bernardino County, California, filmed herself as she was being driven home from her extraction.

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*The actual verbatim transcription of what she said is probably lost to humanity, as a delirious dog-loving girl with a mouth full of cotton padding is not the clearest informant. But it went a little something like this.

“There’s a doooog! Ther… th… there’s a dooooog!”

Her dad, who was (thankfully) the driver, can be seen in the background just grinning. “Right there,” he confirms, laughing.

“Ohhh my goodnesss look at this… hellooo!” she says as she flips the camera around to capture the Australian shepherd peeking out of a nearby car’s window.

The pup is blissfully unaware of the post-op fan in the neighboring car, and continues to be its adorable doggy self as Hannah continues to fawn over it.

“You wann be my frieeeennn,” she states. As the dog continues to ignore her, though, she has an interesting explanation. “He not looking at me. This force field’s in the way!”

Whether she is using a fancy term for the window she hasn’t rolled down or is making up a fun sci-fi story on the spot, it seems a plausible explanation. To her, at least.

The next stream of phrases is nearly unintelligible except for the terms “best friend,” “dog,” and “alien owners.”

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“It’s an alien dog?” her dad suggests, and she repeats his words in assent. But before she can get to naming the alien dog, the video is cut off.

“I held the camera and filmed myself while my dad drove me home,” she said, according to Rumble. “I really like dogs and I absolutely lost my mind when I saw one in the car next to us. My dad was afraid that I was going to jump out of the car and try to pet it.”

Based on her reaction, her dad’s concerns were not unwarranted. Dogs are good, yes, but when you’re on pain meds, dogs are very, very good.

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