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Here's How to Turn $35.00 Worth of Pennies into A Gorgeous DIY Upcycled Table


At first, when she starts setting the pennies on the table, it’s difficult to imagine how this project will turn out.

But when you see the amazing results, you will be running to the bank to trade in your dollars for penny rolls.

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If you’ve been thinking of revamping an old piece of furniture but just haven’t been feeling very inspired, this DIY penny tabletop is the perfect way to take a table from flea market to fabulous!

In the video, the crew takes an old and neglected table and upcycles into a beautiful and original work of art by placing thousands of pennies – $35.00 worth to be exact – on the table top.

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After a couple of coats of fresh paint and a shiny glaze, the results will make your jaw drop!

Check out the video below to see how to do it for yourself:

But don’t let its gorgeous glimmer and shine fool you – after letting the glaze dry overnight, the table is back to being fully functional.

This is due to the type of glaze they use – just one coat is as thick as 70 coats of varnish and it dries to a highly durable glass-like finish.

Some of the table’s original construction was altered (because that’s how this team designed their project).

There’s no reason, however, this idea can’t be duplicated on any tabletop with a little less work by leaving its original design intact.

If you’ve got a bunch of pennies collecting dust, this is one of the most interesting ways to showcase their beautiful copper shine.

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I’d have a hard time deciding which side of the penny to leave facing up!

We’re pretty impressed with the results of this awesome DIY tabletop makeover.

Have you tackled any creative upcycling projects in your home? Share your success stories with us in the comments.

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Virginia Alaniz is a former contributor to a Liftable Media property.
Virginia Alaniz is a former contributor to a Liftable Media property.
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