'Go Woke, Go Broke' Effect? Amazon Slashes Workforce with Most Job Cuts in Company History


Liberal retail juggernaut Amazon slashed its workforce by 6 percent in the second quarter despite experiencing higher sales for the three-month period ended June 30.

The loss of 100,000 employees marks Amazon’s biggest quarterly job cut in its 28-year history, Barron’s reported on Friday.

The workforce cut came despite the fact that second-quarter sales climbed 7 percent from the same period a year ago, according to Amazon’s earnings statement.

The e-commerce titan now joins a growing chorus of liberal tech giants that have reduced their workforces amid the historic inflation festering under President Joe Biden.

Netflix, Google, Microsoft and Meta (formerly Facebook) all have been “trimming staff in response to a more difficult economic environment,” Barron’s reported.

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Before this quarter, Amazon was a “job-creation machine,” the financial outlet said.

Despite its loss of 100,000 workers, Amazon continues to pour money into toxic “woke” projects that alienate many customers.

In its second-quarter earnings statement, Jeff Bezos’ mega-corporation bragged that it had signed a deal with former President Barack Obama to create a slate of Audible shows to “elevate diverse voices.”

Amazon also boasted that it had funded 95 employee events around the world celebrating LGBT “pride” month in June.

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Similarly, the company crowed that it had launched a “comprehensive inclusive learning campaign for Amazon employees worldwide, featuring diversity, equity, and inclusion resources, programs and events, and interactive learning experiences” to celebrate Juneteeth.

The left-wing behemoth also said it made “additional investments in affordable housing projects” through the Amazon Housing Equity Fund’s $2 billion commitment.

The fund recently invested “$30 million to create and preserve 705 affordable homes in Nashville, Tennessee, and in Seattle” benefiting minorities.

Numerous Twitter commenters said Amazon’s historic job cuts presage a forthcoming recession.

Economist Steve Hanke, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University, blamed Biden for the mounting economic instability rocking the nation.

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“Amazon fired more than 100,000 employees in Q1 ALONE,” Hanke tweeted on Monday. “Fearing a dramatic economic slowdown, the tech giant made its LARGEST single-quarter workforce cut in its history.

“Looks like the Great Biden Recession has finally made.”

Other Twitter users agreed the Amazon job cuts portend tough times ahead.

Amazon’s promotion of toxic woke politics has been building up for years and is now at its apex.

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec tweeted, “Apparently Amazon will now pay $4,000 for women to have an abortion. Do the women get a $4,000 bonus for keeping their children?”

“It’s not pro-choice, it’s pro-abortion,” he added.

Amazon also pays for its employees’ transgender sex-change procedures and related plastic surgeries.

Despite this and a host of other pro-LGBT programs, leftists still protested the retail giant for not doing even more.

Amazon will continue to make money because it’s a quasi-monopoly, but its latest troubles suggest it’s not invincible.

In a difficult economic climate such as the one we’re in, prioritizing forced “diversity” and inane identity politics over profits and self-preservation is foolish and destructive.

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