Zuckerberg Has Creepiest Reaction Possible When He Discovers Facebook Employees' Nickname for Him


Big Tech overlord Mark Zuckerberg haplessly tried to put a positive spin on a derisive moniker his employees gave him and was hilariously trolled on Twitter for his farcical pretzel logic.

“Some of the folks who I work with at the company — they say this lovingly — but I think that they sometimes refer to my attention as the Eye of Sauron,” Zuckerberg told bestselling author Tim Ferriss during a March 24 podcast.

The Eye of Sauron refers to the primary antagonist in the “The Lord of the Rings.” It’s the epitome of evil.

Ferriss burst out laughing at the liberal billionaire’s awkward revelation.

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In the epic J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, the power-hungry Sauron is a metaphorical evil eye desperately searching for the Ring of Power. The sinister dark lord wants to wield the ring to enslave Middle Earth.

“It is claimed that not everyone could stand its terrible gaze,” a LOTR fan website says.

There is nothing positive about the Eye, which represents the quasi-omnipotence of the villainous Sauron — and Zuckerberg’s assumption that he would be called that “lovingly” is disturbing.

The CEO of Meta (formerly known as Facebook) claimed that his employees refer to him as the “Eye of Sauron” because of his boundless energy and intense focus.

“[It means] that basically, you have this unending amount of energy to go work on something, and if you, like, point that at any given team, you will just burn them,” he said.

Zuckerberg was lampooned for his bumbling take on an insulting jab from his own workers that mirrors longstanding public sentiment that he’s like an ominous “Big Brother” who spies on his users.

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Even Twitter founder Jack Dorsey trolled Zuckerberg by commenting that the nickname “makes sense.”

Zuckerberg’s clueless reaction is reminiscent of the time President Joe Biden inadvertently chanted “Let’s go Brandon!” without realizing that the slogan is a euphemistic way of saying “F*** Joe Biden.”

Zuckerberg is an odious snoop and megalomaniac, but at least he didn’t slap anyone over the mockery.

Hey Will Smith, are you taking notes?

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