GOP Rep. Blasts Kaep, Says He 'Ought To Consider Moving' to a Different Country


Based on the frequency of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s comments on racism and social injustice in America, it would be safe to assume he’d prefer to live in a different country.

That’s how Republican Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks feels, according to the Washington Examiner.

During an interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Brooks made it clear that if Kaepernick feels that America is such a terrible place for him to live, he may as well pack up his belongings and leave.

When asked about Kaepernick’s recent campaign to make Nike pull its patriotic sneaker that sported the “Betsy Ross flag,” Brooks said that there are “very radical people in the United States of America who don’t like America.”

That’s when he offered his free tip to Kaepernick, who he said fits into that category.

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Do you think Kaepernick should move to another country?

“They don’t like the foundational principles that have made us a great nation, and I would put Mr. Kaepernick in that category … In my mind, perhaps he ought to consider moving to a country where he believes the laws are better for his purposes,” Brooks said.

Brooks went on to explain that with all the oppression Kaepernick apparently feels, he just assumed the former football player would simply leave.

“I doubt he will do that because in this country we’ve had over a million Americans die fighting for our liberties. All of these things that we enjoy he seems to frown upon, and so I just assume he’d leave.”

Kaepernick was the original “kneeler” during the singing of the national anthem during the NFL season, which sparked nationwide controversy for years.

But he gladly accepted millions of dollars for throwing a ball around a field with his buddies.

He probably shouldn’t have felt too oppressed when Nike signed him in 2018 to a multi-million dollar, multi-year sponsorship contract.

There aren’t many places on the planet where you can get paid millions of dollars to trash your own country from a public platform.

As far as the Nike shoe controversy, nobody in the country would have been offended if Kaepernick hadn’t told them to be. He claimed the flag represented “slavery,” but nobody called out former President Barack Obama when the flag was on display at his inauguration.

Kaepernick has proven that he adores the limelight, even when at least half of the country is making fun of him. He bathes in the criticism like a cat soaking up the morning sun.

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Nike dropped the ball on this particular controversy after listening to Kaepernick. Rep. Brooks was right on the money by suggesting Kaepernick go somewhere else, but as long as he gets to live a life of luxury for hating his own country (and its history), I’m pretty sure he’ll gladly stay cozy in his mansion.

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