GOP Rep. Humiliatingly Stumps Hollywood Liberal in Midst of Her Pro-Abortion Testimony


In yet another example of Hollywood elitists who have morphed into self-described experts on politics and policy, actress and pro-abortion activist Busy Philipps attempted to provide her “expertise” during a House hearing on abortion rights.

But it didn’t go so well. It was so bad, in fact, that she had to invoke her Hollywood status as a reason not to answer a straightforward question from Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert during the Tuesday hearing.

“Would you agree that somebody who has survived an abortion, like Melissa Ohden, has a right, once she’s born, to life, to control over her body where someone else doesn’t take her life?” Gohmert asked Philipps.

Instead of answering the lawmaker’s simple question, she realized the answer was so obvious that she didn’t want to admit it and/or that she was out of her league.

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After thanking Ohden and others for sharing their story, Philipps said, “Although I played a doctor on television, sir, I am actually not a physician.”

Although some in the room burst into laughter, Gohmert didn’t flinch. With class and professionalism, he reminded Philipps that he appreciated her being vocal about abortion and that’s why he posed the question.

“You’ve given very compelling testimony, and I appreciate that you’ve obviously given these issues a lot of thought — that’s why I’m asking you,” Gohmert said.

Phillips immediately resorted to liberal, pro-abortion talking points in her reply to Gohmert’s second request to answer the question.

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“I think that it’s something that is very important,” Philipps replied. “I don’t believe that a politician’s place is to decide what’s best for a woman — it’s, you know, a choice between a woman and her doctor.”

To clarify, once again, Gohmert interrupted at the end of her talking point-blabber and asked, “What about a baby and a doctor? That’s my question.”

Philipps then justified her reason for not answering the simple question by claiming that because she wasn’t there with Ohden during her near-death experience after a failed abortion, she didn’t feel comfortable speaking to it.

The home run came when Gohmert asked if Philipps thought once that Ohden was born, wasn’t she a “person in being?” Philipps, who was obviously backed into a corner, attempted to switch gears.

“Yeah, see, I’m not speaking about birth, sir. I’m speaking about abortion,” Philipps replied.

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That cringe-worthy exchange on Philipps’ part is why many Americans don’t want Hollywood actors discussing political issues, with rare exceptions.

One reason is because no matter what one truly believes — and there are probably more Hollywood closet conservatives than we know — going outside of the liberal playbook could spell death to one’s career.

But these Hollywood armchair activists also know that spouting tired, liberal propaganda in front of Congress leads to a ton of likes on their Instagram and Twitter pages, which translates into revenue. Make no mistake, most of these people care more about selling movie tickets and albums than they do political issues.

It’s all about the money and power, baby.

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