GOP Rep Lays Out the 8 Ways Joe Biden Is Making the World a More Dangerous Place


Career politician Joe Biden is an epic failure as U.S. president who has made the world a more dangerous place, as evidenced by the numerous domestic and international crises he has unleashed so far in his tenure.

That’s the somber assessment of Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah, who enumerated eight major ways Biden has damaged the United States.

“Among America’s most important allies, there is no longer any trust that President Biden can be relied on as a serious partner,” Stewart wrote in a grim piece published Sunday by The Hill.

“Among America’s most competitive rivals, there is no longer any belief that President Biden can protect our interests. And among the American people, there is no longer any faith that President Biden can defend our most fundamental ideals.”

The 14-year Air Force veteran said Biden has emboldened America’s enemies, betrayed our allies and sold out the American people.

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This multi-pronged collapse is a direct result of the 78-year-old Democrat’s toxic policies, which have done the following, according to Stewart:

  1. Energized the Taliban and the terrorist group known ISIS-K.
  2. Emboldened foreign adversaries to take advantage of Biden’s weakness.
  3. Empowered communist China to begin assault drills near Taiwan.
  4. Enabled Russia to ramp up cyberattacks against the U.S.
  5. Obliterated American energy independence.
  6. Ignited soaring inflation, hurting consumers and the economy.
  7. Blamed fellow Americans for the ongoing COVID crisis.
  8. Squandered goodwill from international allies.

Because of Biden’s botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Stewart wrote, “the Taliban and ISIS-K are unnecessarily emboldened, enriched and energized.”

He continued: “Right now, they are arresting, torturing and killing Afghans who fought alongside American troops for years. The Biden administration has responded by calling these terrorists a ‘strategic partner.'”

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The congressman wrote that Biden’s Afghanistan debacle set in motion a dangerous cascade of other threats around the world.

“In the immediate wake of the disastrous withdrawal, China began performing assault drills near Taiwan,” Stewart noted. “Every indication is that China will only accelerate its efforts to reclaim the country.”

Stewart also pointed out that Russia increased its cyberattacks on the U.S. “the moment Biden stepped into office.”

“And how did President Biden respond? He cleared the way for a Russian pipeline that will boost our rival’s economy and enhance their ability to manipulate our partners in Western Europe,” Stewart wrote. “This is the type of decision-making that is hamstringing our own interests, both abroad and here at home.”

Under former President Donald Trump, the U.S. was energy-independent for the first time since 1957, according to the Institute for Energy Research.

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In contrast, Biden “began his term by going to war against American energy,” Stewart wrote. “He sabotaged the Keystone pipeline, canceled domestic oil and gas leases, rolled back restrictions on Iranian oil sales and more.

“Then, when the price of energy began to rise, as it inevitably would, he even went to our foreign competitors and asked them to increase their production to help cover his mistakes. These decisions destroyed American jobs and empowered our enemies,” Stewart added.

Biden’s reckless economic policies have also ignited “levels of inflation that we haven’t seen in decades,” Stewart wrote.

“The costs of housing, fuel, food and just about every other necessity in your life are all on the rise. This is effectively an additional tax on every American.”

As if that weren’t enough, Biden’s vaccine mandates and oppressive coronavirus restrictions have simply further divided the country.

“He inherited a ready-to-go vaccine program and an economy that was primed to take off,” Stewart wrote. “Still, he has lost the confidence of the American people with arbitrary, baseless, inconsistent guidance.”

The congressman pointed out that shortly before being installed in the White House, Biden insisted that he would not mandate vaccines.

“Now, he’s blaming his fellow Americans and political opponents for the surge of COVID-19 this summer and ordering them to be vaccinated or risk losing their jobs,” Stewart wrote. “President Biden has come a long way from his pledges to unify the country and defeat COVID-19.”

The disastrous past year confirms that Biden is simply not fit for office. He is failing America, damaging her alliances and empowering her enemies. And when the world’s most powerful country is damaged, the world becomes a more dangerous place.

Can the United States endure three more years of this chaos and devastation?

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