GOP Rep Sounds Alarm: US Has Lost Control of Border, Biden Facilitating Entry of Thousands of Illegals


President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington have completely surrendered control of the country’s southern border to criminal gangs and illegal migrants, according to one Republican lawmaker.

GOP Rep. Bob Good of Virginia spoke to Fox News on Thursday after visiting the border in Texas. According to Good, Biden’s open border policies have left the once stable international border in chaos.

“We have no operational control, no legal control, no law enforcement control of our border,” Good said. “We are not enforcing our laws, we are not preventing people.

“This is willful and intentional on the part of this administration to facilitate the illegal entry into our country of tens of thousands — 180,000 in [the] month of May … some 700,000 this year, of the ones we’ve apprehended,” he said.

Good was among a number of lawmakers to witness the devastation this week. Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado also visited the area, as did former President Donald Trump.

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Boebert spoke to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo about her trip to the border with Trump, calling the situation “absolutely devastating.”

“We saw hundreds coming through in just a short time,” Good told Fox News. “We were there about midnight and just saw many, many folks coming across the border, many illegals streaming across.”

Do you agree that the Biden administration has surrendered the border to criminals?

“The crafty, the most cunning, most dangerous ones are trying to evade apprehension and they’re estimating tens of thousands of those on a monthly basis as well, and all of it controlled … by the Mexican crime cartels who are making hundreds of millions of dollars a month off of this,” the Republican said.

But what Good saw after leaving the border and flying to Dallas also disturbed him. The congressman said he was traveling with illegal immigrants carrying court notices with no dates.

“I would estimate a third of people on that flight were illegal aliens who had their manila folders with some information marked on there to help them navigate the transportation through the airport and onto the plane,” he told Fox, noting that one Guatemalan woman on the plane had papers that did not specify when she had to appear in court.

“So here she is in McAllen taking the same flight we are to Dallas, and I presume from … Dallas to Miami with no specific day on when she has to appear, and I guess we’re just hoping we’ll be able to reach her at some date in the future and tell her when to appear,” he said.

Good shared his Fox News interview on Twitter on Friday.

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“The Biden administration has lost full operational control of our southern border,” he wrote.

After months of reporting from the region, we know the situation at the border is dire. But according to Good, we don’t even have a handle on our side of it.

That’s being left to coyotes, drug smugglers and gangs.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has turned our country’s law enforcement officers into the “U.S. Welcome Patrol.”

Biden has completely undone Trump’s work to curb illegal immigration.

Given how petty, self-serving and vengeful powerful Democrats have shown themselves to be, perhaps that was the point.

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