Grandmother Completely Loses It When She Sees Engagement Ring in Granddaughter's Mug of Tea


Grandparents love doting on their grandkids. They get to bask in the joy of childhood without being responsible for its less savory moments.

Grandma and grandpa are never the bad guys; They’re the ones who let you stay up late and eat all the sugary food you want.

But as those little grandchildren grow up and start living their own lives, visits become less frequent. They outgrow sleepovers and grandparent days at school, and suddenly the only way you can stay aware of what’s going on in their lives is by Facebook stalking them.

So it’s a very special thing when adult grandchildren still keep in touch, despite the self-consumed society we live in and how busy people’s lives are.

One grandma from Tampa, Florida, got to be involved in one of her granddaughter’s biggest life events, and she was ecstatic to have been included.

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While Bekah — Grandma Lil’s granddaughter — and her boyfriend Ricky were visiting, Ricky decided to pop the question.

The three sat at a table, sipping tea, when Bekah glanced down at her cup and pulled up the bag of tea that had been steeping.

She held it up and asked, “What is that?” while laughing. Grandma Lil leaned forward and observed the ring that had been threaded onto the tea bag string.

Do you think this was a great way to involve family in a marriage proposal?

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed.

“What is this?” and “Oh my gosh!” continued for a bit as the two women both looked to Ricky for an explanation. He responded by moving to Rebecca’s side, getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him.

Grandma scooted her chair closer, too, and when Bekah answered with an enthusiastic “Yes!” grandma lost it. “Ahhh!” she screamed, pounding her fists on the table with excitement.

“Oh my God! I love it!” she said as they embraced, and then she turned away and covered her face with her hands, still absorbing what had just happened.

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Proposals come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important consideration is what setting and style the person being proposed to would most appreciate.

For some, there are huge gestures: skydiving, flying over fields cut to spell out the proposal or organizing huge flash mobs to do the work. Others prefer more intimate events with those they love most in the world.

It may have been a quiet get-together at a familiar table over cups of tea, but it included someone very important.

Grandma Lil is now a part of their love story, getting to participate in an important moment in her granddaughter’s life instead of watching it happen far away from a video posted to Facebook. There’s not much that would make a grandma happier than that.

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