Gretchen Whitmer Leans into Barbie Craze with Cringeworthy Self-Promoting Social Media Stunt


Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer embraced the film “Barbie” on Thursday in a series of Twitter posts.

Whitmer felt it was a good idea to post a black-haired Barbie doll that slightly resembles her on Twitter.

The Barbie doll was created by Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman, in the 1950s, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, which noted that Handler had imagined Barbie as a doll of adult women, rather than a baby.

This is because the businesswoman wanted to help little girls envision who they could be when they grow up.

The Detroit Free Press noted that the name “Barbie” came after Handler’s daughter Barbara.

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The Democratic governor sarcastically (or at least one thinks) tweeted that the Barbie doll was getting things done for the people of Michigan.

“It’s the best day ever!” Whitmer tweeted. “This Barbie is getting things done for all Michiganders.”

Whitmer’s obsession with the Barbie doll was extended in other posts.

The Michigan governor posted a picture of Barbie in a pink car, saying that the doll will be in charge of fixing the roads in Michigan to facilitate travel through the state, allowing the Barbie to enjoy the scenic views.

“It’s time for a road trip! Jump in!” Whitmer said.

“From Ann Arbor to Escanaba, we’re fixing the damn roads so it’s easier to cruise through the Great Lakes State, enjoy the scenic views, and turn every journey into an adventure,” she added.

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Whitmer also touted one of her “achievements” concerning education by posting a picture of the Barbie doll signing a paper as if the doll was governor.

Whitmer also seemed to indicate that the Barbie, not her, was the 49th governor of Michigan. She said that just like the doll, fuchsia is her “power color.”

“Come on Barbie, let’s go govern,” Whitmer tweeted.

“This Barbie is the 49th Governor of the great state of Michigan, and just like @Barbie, fuchsia is my power color,” she added.

On Friday, Whitmer finally included herself in a post, but did not fail to include the Barbie as well.

The governor was dressed in all pink. It appears as though she was trying to create a resemblance between her and the Barbie.

A day earlier, the Michigan State Police had done pulled the same stunt as Whitmer on Twitter but was later forced to apologize.

The police force had posted a blonde Barbie in a blue uniform with a shield, saying the doll was “ready to serve.”

Ever heard of the “Dumb Blonde” stereotype?

Do you think Whitmer’s social media stunt was in poor taste?

If Blonde’s in general are portrayed as “dumb” by society because they’re seen as “superficial,” according to Pop Sugar, imagine posting a Blonde Barbie as the standard of a female police officer.

Upon receiving backlash, the Michigan State Police deleted their Barbie post and released another post explaining why.

“MSP’s social media team values the contributions of our female members and out of respect for them we have removed our previous post about Barbie,” the state police tweeted.

While the state police understood that posting pictures of Barbie was offensive toward its female troopers, it seems as though Whitmer didn’t get the memo.

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