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He Grew Out Beard for Nearly 3 Years, Records Video of Family's Reaction After Shaving It All Off


Many people love the idea of traveling the world and learning about different people and cultures, but so many are kept from the reality of this lifestyle by their 9-to-5 jobs.

While it’s becoming more and more common to work remotely, many people still feel that being able to travel as much as they’d like with their significant other is nothing more than a pipe dream. It must cost a lot and take a lot of time and planning, they think, and so it never happens.

It’s true that you need a high tolerance for ambiguity and it’s easier to travel light, it’s certainly not impossible. Jon and Eva are a prime example of that.

First off, Jon is Canadian and Eva is Russian. They both speak Russian and English fluently, and seem like they appreciate the simple things in life.

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The couple got married in 2014, and then spent almost three years traveling through many countries on the cheap. Of course, the reason it worked is because they’re both adventurous souls and hitchhiked from place to place, but they survived.

They set up two YouTube channels — on in English, one in Russian, of course — to catalog their journeys and give advice to other people interested in doing something similar.

“Welcome to our channel!” they wrote. “We are Jon and Eva! Jon is from Canada and Eva is from Russia, hence the name Canrush.”

“Our channel is about us and whatever interests us. We love to travel and meet interesting people.

“We got married on December 27th, 2014 and from 2015-2018 we hitchhiked around the world through 33 countries. We’re looking forward to have kids and spending some time living in Canada, in Russia, and in many other countries. Anything is possible!”

One part of traveling light and on a budget is that you don’t have time, space or money for “extras.” For Jon, that included shaving (though maybe, deep down, he’d always just wanted to grow out his beard).

Two and a half years of shave-less traveling and Jon had turned into a gingery mountain man, with an impressive facial mane. He decided to chop it off once their travels were complete.

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His wife was shocked but clearly liked the transformation. He video chatted with his mom after his shave and a haircut, and all she could say was “Oh my goodness!”

Most viewers have applauded his change, saying he looks 20 years younger without the beard, but other beard fanatics have been sorrowed by this shearing. Either way, the difference between bearded Jon and clean-shaven Jon is incredible.

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