Plastic Surgery Addict Who Got Eyeball Tattoo Now Desperate to Quit After Nearly Dying


The blasphemous name and hideous appearance of social media “star” Mary Magdalene are also the face of the degradation of society. It is that of evil culling its victims who have chosen to walk through the wide gate.

Now, at 30-years old, the Mexican-born Canadian model who’s been obsessed with plastic surgery to physical and financial detriment is changing direction and sharing the news with her fans. Many of them have viewed the influencer as a bastion of liberation and freedom, a shining example of being true to yourself no matter the consequences.

As the devil is always in the details, however, Magdalene’s truth nearly cost her her life following electively putting herself under the knife on numerous occasions. The surgeries for Magdalene — whose real name is only noted as “Denise” — totaled more than $150,000, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

It was the recent unexpected explosion of one of her size 38-J, 22 pound breast implants, combined with a self-professed drug-induced “come to Jesus moment” that compelled the young woman to stop butchering herself. Her excessive nature was obviously a sign of mental illness, especially as she sliced and diced herself to achieve a type of beauty that reflects extreme inner turmoil and darkness.

Frighteningly though, her confusion is that of many other young women today, including those who came to her defense when Magdalene was removed from a flight heading to Dallas in 2022, per the New York Post, for refusing to abide by instructions from the cabin crew, which she misrepresented as being discrimination at the hands of her scantily clad, bizarre appearance. Her fans came to her aid, encouraging her to continue to be herself and chastising the world for not being evolved enough yet. They did so again when she shared an eyeball tattoo on Istagram alongside many others needled into her skin across her body.

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WARNING: The following video contains imagery that the viewer may find disturbing.


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One specific comment expressed admiration, “The symbiote is taking over your body and you rock it so well.”

Especially considering the addiction element, is there possibly demonic activity involved in this case?

This is the same woman who had her body altered to a barely recognizable form — and that’s leaving out some of the gory details. This woman is the example being strutted around, regaled, and making an impression on vulnerable minds.

You ever wonder why the sacredness and beauty of the female body, in its purest, untouched form has given way to those blaring the need to be seen amid a very egocentric and noisy world?

The following YouTube video, a cartoon movie called “plastic surgery,” perfectly captures the reality Magdalene and other young women are growing up in:

WARNING: The following cartoon includes imagery that some viewers may find disturbing.

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The window where little girls remain untainted and innocent continues to close earlier and earlier in this world. They are forced to grow up quickly, guard themselves, and navigate demonic temptations remiss of the stability that Biblical teachings, intact homes, and safeguarded communities provides. Everything designed to protect them is being ripped away, by no accident.

Magdalene, whose pseudonym is staggeringly ironic, resides as a tragic yet needed lesson of all these failings, both personally but also in a much larger way. The OnlyFans model is using her own story to encourage her 200,000 fans to travel through the narrow gate, so to speak.

She is revealing the sorrowful consequences of her lost way and unsavory makeover, one she desperately wants to turn the clocks back on. Denise is now, finally and painfully, being honest.

According to the Daily Mail, she lamented: “My time gets drained, my bank account, my energy, my health. And in the long run, you just kind of end up digging yourself into a really expensive time-consuming hole.”

Indeed, once you open the door to small dark things, much bigger ones can easily come flooding through.

The Daily Mail shared some photos of the woman prior to her endless surgeries, and guess what? She was naturally stunning. Magdalene now believes that her dramatic transformation away from that natural and innate beauty was a catastrophic mistake. She now insists that she desperately wants to achieve a day when those she meets simply see her and not her alterations.

“My goal is to just tone things down to a point that when I speak people will see me, not my surgeries,” Magdalene said, per the Daily Mail. Her new round of surgeries will be devoted to this outcome. No doubt, the switch will be lifesaving for her as well as many other women, who take this story as a cautionary tale.

But it won’t be easy. The changes she made to herself are dramatic and fixing them won’t be as simple as waving a wand.

Ultimately, it’s important to stress this: God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

We need women to begin valuing their souls and not their skins again. Society isn’t doing them any favors, currently.

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Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.
Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.