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Grumpy Dogs Refuse To Answer Mom After Trip to Vet Until She Asks 'Who's Hungry?'


It is a truth universally acknowledged that dogs loathe trips to the veterinarian. There may be those few oddballs who actually enjoy attention in any form, even when it involves being poked and prodded, but in general, dogs are not fans of the v-e-t.

Some even know the signs that a vet trip is underway, and will do everything within their power to keep it from happening. They’ll hide, fuss and become a dead weight to avoid going to the place they hate.

Other dogs realize what’s happening in transit after you pass the turnoff for the park and keep going. They start to realize that they’re not headed for a fun outing at all — and while you can try to bribe them with treats, some pups cannot be moved.

Even the best-natured, most easy-going dogs can suffer a sense of deep betrayal when they’re tricked into a vet visit.

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“RowanOak Push Up,” “Remington Kangaroo Hop,” and “Idgie Ruth” are three golden retrievers who have quite the following on social media.

“Golden retriever sisters living in the great state of MS!” the About section of their Facebook page reads. “Warning: following too closely could result in an insatiable affinity for all things golden!”


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These three “golden girls” recently took a trip that, in their opinion, did not go well. After an unwelcome visit to the vet’s office, the three were loaded back up into the car and on their way home.

(Almost) Nothing their owner could say would move them. “Girlies! Where are my babies?” their owner crooned.

Nothing. No movement. No wagging tails, no curious faces, just silence.

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“Are y’all tired from your doctor visit?” No response. “Hey.”

“Y’all wanna go home and get a treat? You wanna go home and get a treat and some dinner?” But not even the word “treat” could pull them out of their moping. So the owner had to break out the big guns.


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“Who’s hungry?” And with that, three golden fluffs rose up, two of them facing forward and one stuck in the middle, bum-forward.

No doubt they got their food as soon as they got home, and hopefully, the atrocities at the vet’s office will become a distant memory.

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