Guest Host Who Filled In for Dan Bongino Showered with Praise: 'Very Talented...Joy to Watch'


Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich won high praise for her stellar performance guest-hosting “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino” this weekend.

Pavlich filled in for Bongino on Saturday and delivered a scathing monologue excoriating the left’s political prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

In particular, she blasted Democrats and their corporate media stooges for gleefully cheerleading the indictments while ignoring a foundational pillar of the U.S. criminal justice system, which is the presumption of innocence.

“The trust in the justice system is already broken. It’s almost like it doesn’t even matter what the charges against him are,” Pavlich said.

“Radical district attorneys like Alvin Bragg — not to mention the FBI and the Department of Justice — have helped to break that trust by corrupting the system, by investigating people like Trump in search of a crime while instead refusing to charge actual criminals,” she said.

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Pavlich was showered with kudos on Twitter.

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Pavlich is among the legion of Americans who are disgusted by the left’s malicious weaponization of the judicial system to smear and persecute its political enemies.

Democrats and their liberal media hyenas have been gleefully chirping that “Trump is guilty” without even examining the case or letting the process play out.

In New York, as in the rest of the United States, the burden of proof is on the prosecution.

Do you watch “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino”?

“The defendant is not required to prove that he/she is not guilty,” according to the state court system. “In fact, the defendant is not required to prove or disprove anything.

“To the contrary, the People have the burden of proving the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt … Whatever your verdict may be, it must not rest upon baseless speculations.”

Numerous attorneys and legal scholars have torpedoed the indictment of Trump.

In a Friday Newsweek commentary, constitutional law scholar Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard Law professor, shredded the case as a “weak exercise in creative prosecution” and “one of the weakest cases” he has ever heard of.

“This is a case of targeting an individual and then rummaging through the statute books in search of a crime,” Dershowitz wrote.

“Prosecutors seem to have come up with nothing under established law, then made up a misdemeanor and then piggybacked it on another alleged crime to create a felony,” he said.

Anti-Trumpers who think this will stop him from being elected to the White House in 2024 shouldn’t count their eggs before they hatch.

He could still run for president even if he were convicted on the charges Bragg concocted.

“An indictment cannot constitutionally stop him. Neither could a conviction or even a prison sentence,” Dershowitz wrote. “This ill-advised indictment is likely to help his campaign to secure the Republican nomination.

“I have already received messages from voters who said they had been planning to vote for Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP primary but will now vote for Trump as a protest against this indictment.”

Dershowitz added: “No one, of course, knows the impact this will have on the election. And that shouldn’t matter. What matters greatly is that DA Alvin Bragg has weaponized the justice system to target a political opponent based on a nonexistent or, at best, an extremely weak crime.”

Hence begins another “show trial” targeting a former president whose main crime is being hated by today’s corrupt, Machiavellian left.

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