Legendary Rock Guitarist: Support Trump or Leave America


Editor’s Note: The original picture attached to this story showed Tommy Thayer in Ace Frehley’s makeup and was misidentified as Frehley in the caption provided by Getty Images. We have reached out to Getty Images to get the information corrected.

This isn’t something you typically hear from anyone in the entertainment industry, which makes it all the more remarkable.

Considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley — well known for being an original member of the iconic rock band KISS — had something to say about the anti-Trump crowd.

During a “Juliet: Unexpected” podcast interview, Fox News reported that the musician opened up about musicians, politics and the anti-Trump sentiment so often heard in the entertainment industry.


“Let me say this about Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, if you’re an American and you’re a patriot, you should get behind your president,” Frehly said.

“He was elected. We live under the Constitution of the United States, and you’re supposed to support your president.

Do you think entertainers should stay out of politics?

“Love him or hate him, you’re supposed to support him, or go move to another country. … Being American, we have the right to free speech, and I’m all for everybody putting their two cents in on everything, but when musicians or actors get really verbal and jump on a bandwagon against our government, I don’t agree with that.”

He had begun the political talk segment by sharing a belief that others, such as country legend Reba McEntire, have expressed.

“I hate politics. I don’t like talking politics, and I don’t think politics and music mix,” he said. “I really frown on musicians who get up on a platform and start talking about the president or complain about … I just don’t think it belongs.”

Frehley added, “I’m an entertainer. There’s no reason to bring up politics. Let me play my guitar and write songs and entertain people. That’s my job.”

Unlike others in the entertainment industry, such as Alec Baldwin, a quick look at Frehley’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram reveal simple promotional posts about his work as an entertainer. There are no political rants.

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True to his words, he is all about the music and doing his job as an entertainer.

This sentiment is not new for Frehley. Back in 2014, he told The Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t think people in the entertainment business should get too involved in politics because it kind of blurs things.”

And so it does. When entertainers jump onto political bandwagons, they make their message and brand not about the artistry of what they do, but about them and their personal ideologies. When they cross that line, they risk alienating fans who are the very people who afforded them the very lifestyle and privilege they now have.

Worst of all, for many, they make it impossible to view them or their work the same way ever again because the dark cloud of vile words against those who think differently now hangs over them. People pay good money to be entertained by entertainers, not lectured at or hit with misinformation and personal ideologies.

Frehley, McEntire and the others like them have it right. Entertainers need to do what they do so well and entertain the masses. Leave the political punditry to the political pundits.

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