Heads Will Roll When KJU Realizes Parade Showed Embarrassing NK Problem


Not long after North Korea held its annual military parade last week, experts noticed a major detail that is quite humiliating to the rogue regime.

During its parade on Thursday, North Korea was attempting to show off its armed forces and weapons capabilities for the entire world to see.

However, defense experts have pointed out that dictator Kim Jong Un may have actually revealed a “key vulnerability” instead.

As noted by Express U.K., four Hwasong-15 rockets were on the back of transporter erector launcher vehicles and driven through the North Korean capital as Kim watched from a platform.

Defense experts said that only having four intercontinental ballistic missiles on display during the North Korean parade, which came one day before the Winter Olympics opened in the rival to the south, proved the regime was struggling to produce the power it claims to have.

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With so much attention on Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, at the Olympics in South Korea, experts argue there was no better opportunity than Thursday for North Korea to show off the military equipment they possessed.

David Schmerler, research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California, told CNBC that the rogue regime actually managed to humiliate itself in public rather than display strength.

“If they were going to try to find an opportunity to demonstrate that they could not only produce lots of ICBMs but the ability to launch them on mobile vehicles, this would have been the opportunity to have done it,” Schmerler said.

North Korea has been forced to use converted Chinese logging trucks to transport its long-range missiles, and some experts said the parade likely proves the regime doesn’t have nearly as many missiles as it claims.

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Eric Gomez, a policy analyst for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute, questioned why the regime had so few of the launching vehicles and whether the crippling sanctions from the U.S. and the international community were beginning to hamper Pyongyang’s military efforts.

“The number of TELs in [Thursday’s] parade is important because it represents a key vulnerability in North Korea’s ICBM force,” Gomez said.

He added: “All of the North Korean vehicles capable of carrying ICBMs are based on Chinese-made heavy logging trucks that were modified by the North Koreans to carry missiles, but no more than six of these trucks have been seen at one time.”

While the parade was actually North Korea’s big chance to show off what Kim’s regime possessed, defense experts actually argue it just proved the regime has limited missile weapons.

Of course it is possible that Kim didn’t want to reveal all of what the regime possesses to maintain the element of surprise.

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But many experts are indicating that there would have been no better time than Thursday to show off everything it  had, which could have been used a propaganda to support its threats to the world.

But the fact that Kim’s regime only had four ICBM’s on display is pretty embarrassing, given he has threatened to obliterate the United States for several years.

Kim is not going to enjoy seeing these reports, which just show how much he’s more bark than bite.

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