Heartbreaking Video of Mollie Tibbetts Speaking About Faith 2 Years Before Murder


With the news of Mollie Tibbetts’ body being found on Tuesday, many stories will be focused on the man who allegedly killed her and the tragedy that her death is.

It’s easy to forget that the face on the missing persons poster is much more than that to those who knew her and while the search was still ongoing, Mollie’s friends and family fought to share stories of just how amazing she is.

Now those stories are highlighting just how tragic the loss is as the millions of people across the country learn of her kindness, genuineness, and strong faith.

The 20-year-old University of Iowa student was missing for five weeks before her body was found. Her family continued to hold on to hope that she would be found alive, but they received the earth-shattering news early Tuesday morning.

Mollie had a special ability to make those around her feel known, loved, and cared for. Her father, Rob Tibbetts, said that she was never the loud, outgoing person in the room, but she was the one who went to one person and really honed in and cared for them on a different level; She loved quietly and deeply.

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“Mollie had an ability to just zero in on somebody and make them feel good about themselves,” he told the Des Moines Register.

Rob also talked about his recent wedding where Mollie ended up being his best man. She was beyond excited for her dad when she found out the news and prepared a thoughtful and funny toast to give at the reception.

Many of her father’s friends told stories of how Mollie took a moment to connect with them on an individual level during the ceremony.

A few days after the ceremony, she joined her father and a few family friends at Bass Lake, California. When Rob and one of his brothers-in-law decided to jump off a 25-foot cliff, Mollie couldn’t pass up the opportunity telling her dad, “I’m your best man; I’m going with you.”

“She was my best man, and she was every bit the best man,” he said.

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Her amazing capacity to love others well was noticed by others as early on as in elementary school. During her senior year of high school, she began mentoring younger girls in her choir to encourage and inspire them to improve.

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She also inspired others through her words. Her speech coach, Jarrod Diehm, said that her works displayed themes far beyond her years, themes that helped others find their self-worth.

“She just wanted to lift people up,” Diehm said. “Mollie’s going to change lives.”

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One particular speech has gone viral since her disappearance and shows just how talented she was with words and how strong her faith was.

She was confirmed in her Catholic church in 2015 and never hid how much her faith shaped her life. In a video of Mollie talking to a youth group, she shared a sweet moment when she learned just how powerful prayer was.

Mollie said that she had been nervous for an important track meet. She decided to get down on her knees and pray for the strength to complete the race well and that’s exactly what happened! In fact, she finished with her best time of the season!

She then encouraged those listening to share their stories with others.

“Testimony means to me that you talk about the obstacles that you have overcome because of God,” she said. “He has worked in your life and used you and made you stronger through these obstacles and what your testimony is showing everyone the strength that God has given you.”

Our prayers continue to go out to those who knew her as they continue to grieve their dear friend. She may not be here on earth, but she is with Jesus and hopefully, her family will be able to find comfort in that fact.

Rest in peace, Mollie. You are dearly missed.

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