Heartless Biden Energy Sec Chastises Working Class: If You Drove an Electric Car, Gas Shortage Wouldn't Affect You


Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm subtly chastised Americans affected by the southeastern U.S. gas crisis on Tuesday, noting that if they’d only driven expensive electric cars, they wouldn’t have been inconvenienced.

Is there anything more helpful amid challenging times than being looked down upon by an elitist snob? Millions of Americans live in the areas affected by last Friday’s ransomware attack against the crucial Colonial Pipeline. Since that pipeline was taken offline, reports of gasoline shortages have been coming in with an alarming frequency.

To go along with the gas crisis, the country is currently dealing with a border crisis, a jobs crisis, an inflation crisis and an identity crisis — now that President Joe Biden’s polices are turning the country into an unrecognizable dystopian hell hole run by green energy fascists.

Are you experiencing any issues related to the crises created by the country’s feckless and utterly out of touch leaders? Here’s a solution: Don’t be so poor! Having problems at the pump? You should have driven electric, lowly planet killers.

That seemed to be the vibe coming from Granholm on Tuesday, when she took questions about the gas crisis from reporters at a media briefing alongside White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

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“Obviously, we have the acute issues with the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack,” one reporter noted, asking Granholm, “but looking more holistically in a macro view, how does this speed up the efforts at DOE to move in more of a renewable direction since this is going to have an impact on people at the pump?”

A simple, “We will cross that bridge when we get there,” would have sufficed. But the elitist snob heading the Department of Energy had to pontificate.

“Yeah, I mean, we obviously are ‘all in’ on making sure that we meet the president’s goals of getting to 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” she said.

Do you think working Democratic voters will ever see that the party has left them behind?

“And, you know, if you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you, clearly,” she added pompously.

Granholm, who bragged in March that her electric car literally drives on “sunshine,” used a time of crisis for working-class Americans to smile and judge them from behind a podium. She most certainly ate up being asked that question while wearing her not-so-subtle green blazer.

Why don’t most Americans drive green electric cars? Well, for one, they’re expensive. According to Car and Driver, the average cost of an electric car in 2019 was $55,600. The average interest rate for an auto loan is around 5.3 percent.

The average length of a car loan for non-prime borrowers, according to Experian, is about 72 months. When you add all of that up, the monthly payment for an average electric car, with an average credit score and an average interest rate, comes out to around $900 per month — with zero down and not including insurance.

That’s the cost of roughly three weeks worth of federal supplemental jobless benefits for the unemployed — who in many cases are now earning more money than average people who choose to work. One round of Democratic stimulus payments from March wouldn’t get a single person with no children two months driving the average electric car.

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Unlike Granholm, most Americans don’t earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for being bad at jobs that are immune from being eliminated or closed by government overreach. That prices a great deal of peasants out of being eligible to drive electric cars.

Naturally, Granholm and the rest of the Biden administration have no answers with regard to alleviating any of the challenges they’ve put on so many Americans throughout the last four months. They certainly won’t get out of the way, which would be a start.

But when given an opportunity to at least appear empathetic to the plight of the peons who couldn’t make it to work on Tuesday, Granholm revealed herself as a highbrow with nothing to offer, other than to essentially tell people who don’t drive electric cars, “It serves you right!”

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