Helicopter Deployed, Military Goes Door to Door to Enforce COVID Lockdown


If you think the COVID insanity is hitting hard here in the U.S., just take a look at the insanity coming from the land Down Under.

Beachgoers at Gordon’s Bay near Sydney were caught by surprise recently when a police helicopter flew overhead, blaring its sirens and issuing a warning for everyone to go home or be fined for breaching stay-at-home lockdown restrictions, according to an Australian news outlet.

Video of the incident went viral on TikTok on Sunday, with commenters noting that beachgoers weren’t masking up in the outdoor setting.

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But that’s not the only display of insanity coming from the Aussie nanny state.

The country’s current provisions require Sydney residents to stay within three miles of home, according to Reuters, and only those who receive COVID tests every three days are authorized to perform essential work outside of that radius.

Isn’t that insane? What about the long-touted vaccines? Those with natural antibodies? Should they be treated the same?

Better yet, what qualifies the “oligarchy” to make decisions for everyone — regardless of personal risk, COVID history or livelihoods at stake?

Do you think Australia's restrictions are overreaching?

To supplement its stay-at-home orders, Australia has bolstered its other COVID-related protocols, going so far as authorizing police forces to shut down noncompliant businesses and fine dissenting civilians, and demanding that residents wear masks even in outdoor settings.

And just when we thought the stringent attempt to rein in civilians couldn’t get any worse, The U.S. Sun reported on Sunday that the country has deployed soldiers and military helicopters to help enforce its restrictions.

The despotic effort serves to enforce Australia’s “Zero COVID” strategy and, as officials have threatened, police will track down any dissidents and slap them with a fine of £265, approximately $500.

So far, 250 fines have been issued to noncompliers, and the number is sure to rise in the days and weeks to come.

Some residents aren’t taking the totalitarian push lying down, however.

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Just last week, protesters gathered for an anti-lockdown protest in Sydney. The incident, which later turned violent, according to the Sun’s report, prompted police to respond by blocking streets to prevent any further disruption on Saturday.

Approximately 300 unarmed military officials will work in conjunction with Aussie police in their door-to-door effort to ensure that residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 are staying at home.

We can imagine how such an invasive measure might go over here in the States — especially in the uber-conservative American South, and considering Americans have already voiced their disquiet with the proposition of door-to-door COVID vaccine promotions.

Thankfully, however, these efforts have been fulfilled by nonprofits rather than government employees so far and have turned out to be generally different than we imagined at first.

Still, what if we were in the same boat as our Aussie friends? What if we had our individual liberties stripped of us to such a dramatic degree? What if police and military officials were at our doorsteps — unwelcome, uninvited and there to discuss whether you’re in the exact spot the government necessitates … or else?

I could say something for the lockdowns and mask mandates we’ve experienced thus far, but I expect readers to draw their own conclusions as to whether these have been “fair” or “overreaching” — and whether they’re satisfied to see them coming around once more.

It’s safe to say what’s going on in Australia is an overreach far more drastic, far more elaborate than anything most of us have seen yet.

But obtaining an inch of power can quickly prompt the push for a mile.

Let this be a lesson to us here in the U.S.

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