Herman Cain: Impeachment Won't Matter If Trump Is Re-Elected


Every time Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth these days, it’s quite the adventure to discern what she’s trying to say. I still haven’t figured out her comments about “time” during one of the recent impeachment pep rallies.

But there’s one thing she just about always finds a way to work in, and that’s that President Trump is “impeached forever.”

That’s all any of this has ever really been about, you know. Democrats know the Senate is not going to remove the president from office, which means this entire exercise will have ultimately accomplished nothing and changed nothing. There was never any chance of it going any other way.

This is all about hanging the scarlet letter “I” around the president’s neck and tainting him forever with the stain of being a president who was impeached. That’s why so many Democrats are parroting this talking point. Removed from office or not (and of course he won’t be), they want everyone to remember that nothing and no one can ever reverse what the House did.

The only problem is: Yes we can. And the way things are looking right now, we will.

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Let’s grant Mrs. Pelosi that even a Senate acquittal doesn’t change the fact that the House impeached the president. It prevents it from having any real effect, but sure, the action of the House remains part of the historical record.

But here’s what she’s forgetting: In November, the voters will decide whether President Trump deserves a second term. If the decision is that yes, he does, then he will enter that new term on Jan. 20, 2021, with a completely fresh slate. The impeachment vote of the House that happened in 2019 will have nothing to do with the term he would then start in 2021.

In other words, no, he will not be impeached forever. Because a re-elected Donald Trump would get a fresh term in which there had been no impeachment.

Some Democrats have actually talked about impeaching him again if he wins another term. That just goes to show what a completely partisan exercise this has always been and always will be. But think about it: Why would you have to impeach him again if he’s “impeached forever”? Because he’s not. A brand new term completely wipes out the House’s action from the previous term.

Not only that, but if the president is re-elected after being impeached by the House, that would represent a complete rejection of the House’s impeachment tactics by the American people. Impeachment certainly remains on the historical record, but so would the verdict of the voters that it had been foolhardy and irresponsible. Under this scenario, the “forever” shame of impeachment would fall on House Democrats, not on President Trump.

No one knows for sure what will happen in November, but given the current polls and the strength of the economy, I’d say there’s a much better than average chance President Trump is re-elected. And if that happens, he will have actually slipped the bounds of impeachment such that he can begin a new term impeachment-free.

Some things may be forever, Nancy, but your impeachment stunt likely won’t even survive the current election cycle.

“Impeached forever”? Let’s see what happens when the voters weigh in on that.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.