Herman Cain: I Was There, And the Tulsa Trump Rally Crowd Was Huge and Enthusiastic


The media worked very hard to scare people out of attending the Trump campaign rally last Saturday night in Tulsa. People on TikTok worked very hard to gobble up all the tickets so real Trump supporters couldn’t get any.

And afterward, predictably, the media spent days taunting the president for supposedly enduring a disappointing crowd. Everywhere you look, you hear that the rally was a “flop.”

It wasn’t. I was there.

Contrary to the reports that there were only 7,000 or so people in attendance, I can tell you from what I saw with my own eyes that there were at least 16,000 people there.

Yes, there were some empty seats in the nosebleed sections, but 16,000 people in the COVID-19 era is pretty impressive.

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But there’s more than that. Do you know how many people followed the president’s speech on his YouTube channel? Four million. That’s how many.

While I was sitting there, I tweeted out several photos I took of the event. The next morning, we counted more than 73,000 likes and retweets – just on the Herman Cain Twitter feed alone.

Also: When a candidate holds a rally, it seems to me that what he says should be on the news more than how many people show up.

That’s not consistent with the media’s never-ending crusade against the president, but if you’re trying to decide who gets your vote, you’d probably like to know what the candidate said.

The atmosphere was electric, and the president’s words were inspiring. He presented a vision for uniting the country, overcoming the remaining effects of the pandemic and reinvigorating an economy he had going strong before the coronavirus showed up.

The crowd loved it, and it’s a great plan. It’s far better than the incoherent nonsense Joe Biden offers.

The president was also strong and focused when he talked about the violence in the streets right now. He was clear that the destruction of statues and other property is simple lawlessness and will not be tolerated.

I understand why he said it. I know what it is to grow up black in this country, and I know how to overcome racism in your personal life.

You don’t do it by tearing and burning things down. You do it by embracing the right habits, the right values and the right goals for your life.

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I appreciate the fact that President Trump cares about making things better for the black community, and I wish more people would pay attention to his plans for doing so.

But I’ve had about enough of the media telling us this rally was some sort of bust. It was triumphant and electric. Everyone who attended came away from it feeling good.

As usual, the story they tell you is very different from what actually happened. Keep that in mind as they cover the rest of the election campaign, because they’re not going to change. That means you won’t know anything true if you rely on them.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.