Herman Cain: Getting Rid of Police Is What Radical Leftists Have Always Wanted


The Minneapolis City Council didn’t just decide last week that it doesn’t like the police. (That’s not how we go from big and terrible events to big and terrible ideas.)

The nation has been buzzing for several days with the news that a majority on the council wants to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Dismantle it? They have no idea who or what would take its place, but they do want you to know that if you’re concerned about who to call if someone breaks into your house, that’s an example of your “privilege.”

Don’t worry. They’re going to engage the entire community — except for those who enjoy “privilege” or those who like the police, I would presume — and come up with a way to “reimagine” a future for the city without police.

What an amazing time this is to be a crook.

Now maybe you’re wondering: Prior to the death of George Floyd two weeks ago, we never heard anything from members of the Minneapolis City Council about getting rid of the city’s police department.

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How is it that two weeks later they all of a sudden want to disband it?

I’ll tell you how: because this is not a new idea for them. What’s changed is the events of the past two weeks have made it politically safe for them to say what they were always thinking.

Anyone radical enough to want to eliminate police now had to be anti-police before this happened. When a major event causes tensions to rise and drives new media narratives, it often has the effect of emboldening people to say in public what they used to only say in private.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these people — in the privacy of their own homes or their exclusive cocktail parties, with no one from the outside listening in – have been condemning police and the whole idea of law enforcement for a long time. You can bet they’ve long believed what Council President Lisa Bender said recently on CNN — that you’re more in danger from calling the police than you are from a burglar breaking into your home.

Do you think most Democrats want to abolish the police entirely?

The death of George Floyd merely presented the opportunity for them to openly advocate what they have always wanted to do but never thought they could get away with.

And you’ll notice something: When you ask Bender and others on the council what people should do if they’re threatened by criminals, the response is always to point the finger at police as the bigger threat. They didn’t just decide this week that they believe this. They’ve believed this for years.

Many ideas germinate within the Democratic Party in this same way.

Most Democrats don’t really believe in capitalism, but they say they do because they think they have to. They don’t think the public is ready to accept a socialist.

That almost changed when Bernie Sanders looked headed for the Democrats’ presidential nomination a few months back. Had he won it, you would have been amazed how many Democrats were suddenly willing to admit they hate capitalism and want it done away with.

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Someday, when they think it’s safe, they will admit that. Someday they will admit they want to get rid of the U.S. military. Someday they will admit they want to get rid of all private-sector profits. Someday they will admit they want to get rid of churches.

When will they admit these things? As soon as they think it’s safe, which is why so many of them are suddenly admitting they want to get rid of police and let criminals run wild.

This is what they’ve always wanted. It’s just that now they think they have their opportunity.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.